Rue Bennett (Euphoria) Outfits

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Rue Bennett outfits have become quite popular ever since the show, Euphoria aired.

Rue Bennet, played by Zendaya, is the main character in the show, Euphoria. She is usually the one narrating the show, and it is her perspective that viewers often see the world.

Rue has trouble with illicit substances. She spent the summer before the show in rehab. This was necessary after she almost lost her life to an overdose.

It comes out that Rue has struggled with addiction ever since she was a young girl. Even so, it is something about her that has only recently come to her family’s attention.

Once she leaves rehab, she still struggles with the urge to use drugs. After she meets the character, Jules, she decides she wants to be sober.

You’ll Need:

  1. Tye Dye Shirt With Alien
  2. Wine Zip Up Hoodie
  3. Black Bikers Shorts
  4. Blue Converse

DIY Rue Bennett Outfits Guide

Rue Bennet’s outfits tend to be rather simple. She often wears plain clothes that are accented with one piece that has a lot of patterning on them.

For this reason, it is easy to create your own Rue from Euphoria outfits. It is likely you already have some of the necessary pieces in your wardrobe.

To dress like Rue Bennet, all you will need are Tye Dye Shirt With Alien, Wine Zip Up Hoodie, Black Bikers Shorts, and Blue Converse.

Rue Bennett Cosplay Costume

Rue from Euphoria outfits is easy to replicate. She tends to wear really basic clothing with only one piece having patterns and standing out.

If you want to make the costume even better, you can get some glitter makeup to recreate the unique eye makeup that she is known to wear.

Why not let your friends dress up as Kat Hernandez, Cassie Howard, or other characters from Euphoria and form a group costume with you for a Halloween party? It is a creative idea to add extra fun to your cosplay.

Rue Bennett Outfits

About Rue Bennett from Euphoria

Rue Bennet is the main protagonist of the show, Euphoria. She is played by Zendaya.

Rue’s perspective is who viewers see the most of on the television show, giving a deeper look at her life. It is learned early on that she spent the last summer recovering in rehab.

She was sent there after almost losing her life to an overdose. It is soon learned that she has had problems with addiction ever since she was a preteen.

When she gets back from rehab, she falls into old habits and begins using again. Yet, after she meets the character Jules, she decides that she wants to get sober once and for all.

Rue Bennet is a sympathetic character liked by many fans of the show. For this reason, many like to dress up as her.

Rue Bennett Outfits Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Rue Bennett?

1. “Every Time I Feel Good, I Think It Will Last Forever, But It Doesn’t.”

2. “It’s Not A Relapse If It’s Warranted. It’s A Hall Pass.”

3. “You Gonna Ruin My Life? I Promise I Can Do That Better Than You Can.”

4. “I’m All Good With Drugs Until Guns Start Coming Out.”

5. “I’m Morgan Freeman And This Is The Beginning Of The Third Act.”

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