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For ladies looking to cosplay as Steven Universe characters, the Rose Quartz Costume is a great choice.

Rose Quartz appears in the animated series Steven Universe as one of its main characters. In addition to being the mother of Steven Universe, she founded and led the Crystal Gems for a time.

She was the one who led her friends and allies to rebel against the Gem Homeworld, protecting the Earth and the life forms inhabiting it from the Gem invasion.

Despite the character’s identity as Rose Quartz, she is actually Pink Diamond. Her gemstone was passed to Steven when she gave birth to him after falling in love with Greg Universe.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Corset
  2. Pink Long Curly Wig
  3. Hoop Skirt
  4. Rose Quartz Shield
  5. Pink Rhinestones
  6. Pink Star Patches
  7. Pink Dye
  8. Rose Quartz Sword

DIY Rose Quartz Cosplay Guide

Rose Quartz looks like a fluffy marshmallow despite being a fierce warrior.

With this Rose Quartz costume guide, you can look like the leader in disguise. This Rose Quartz cosplay will make you ready to rule Earth.

It all starts with her iconic White Corset, Ruffles Skirt, and Pink Long Curly Wig. Add some rhinestones and a pink star to complete the look. Make sure you bring a Quartz Sword and Shield with you.

Rose Quartz Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Rose Quartz Cosplay Costume

Rose Quartz wears only one outfit, like most characters in Steven Universe. Since she used to be Pink Diamond before changing her identity to Rose Quartz, she is also known for her pink appearance.

The Rose Quartz dress also includes a light pink star attached to the belly button and a pink gem on top. She also used a pink shield and a pink sword during the rebellion as part of her outfit.

Rose Quartz might be the leader of the Crystal Gems, but you don’t have to cosplay alone. You can help guard the universe by gathering your friends together and forming a group cosplay.

Cosplayers can dress up as Steven, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Opal, and the many Gems from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe.

Rose Quartz Cosplay

About Rose Quartz

Thousands of years ago, Rose Quartz was granted a license to colonize Earth as her planet. Her real name is Pink Diamond. During this process, she fell in love with Earth and assumed a fake identity as Rose Quartz.

Although Rose is often described as a strong-willed and determined person, at the same time, she is also described as loving, curious, adventurous, and fun. Steven, her son, is often compared to her.

Additionally, Rose possessed standard Gem abilities such as regeneration, superhuman durability, and bubbling.

Rose is portrayed in legends as a great warrior and a great leader.

What is the most famous quote from Rose Quartz?

1. “Isn’t it remarkable, Steven? This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear. The lives they live are so complicated… and so simple. I can’t wait for you to join them.”

2. “I’m going to stay and fight for this planet. You don’t have to do this with me.”

3. “I know you do. Please, please understand if we lose, we’ll be killed, and if we win, we can never go home.”

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