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The Rocket Raccoon costume is a fun way for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy fans to dress up.

Despite his name, Rocket Raccoon is not actually a raccoon. Instead, he is a person who has been genetically modified to look like a raccoon.

Rocket Raccoon is a sassy and sarcastic character that packs a big punch for such a little guy.

When Peter Quill, known as Starlord, turns up looking for help, Rocket Raccoon is quick to do so. Even though he initially only does this for the reward, it turns out he has a big heart where his friends are concerned.

You’ll Need:

  1. Rocket Raccoon Costume
  2. Rocket Raccoon Mask
  3. Grey Claw Gloves
  4. Plush Slippers

DIY Rocket Raccoon Costume Guide

Before anything else, you will need to get a costume that is reminiscent of his orange and black costume. You can buy them premade with fur on the arms and legs to give them a more realistic look.

A mask that is made to look like a raccoon head is an important piece of the costume. So, too, are a pair of gloves that look like furry hands.

On your feet, you can wear a pair of furry black or gray boots to look like his feet. He carries with him a silver gun. You can buy a replica of it to give the costume a more realistic appearance.

Rocket Raccoon Cosplay Costume

The Rocket Raccoon is a rather involved costume that is sure to turn heads wherever you wear it. It combines elements of human attire and raccoon bodily features, making it unique.

This costume is a good choice for cosplayers looking to try something different and step up their costume game. It is dynamic and bold with its many textures and its vibrant orange color.

You can grab a few friends for a group costume to make the costume even more special. Have them dress up as Drax, Gamora, Groot, or other famous characters from the movie and go to the party together.

Rocket Raccoon costume

About Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is one of the main characters in the Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. At first glance, he appears to be an average raccoon that can talk. It turns out that he is a genetically modified man who looks like a raccoon.

Though he is small, he is quite powerful and a good fighter. He uses his skills to help Peter Quill, or Starlord when he comes looking for it.

Rocket Raccoon works alongside Quill, Drax the Destroyer, Thanos’ daughter Gamora and Groot to save the universe more than once.

Rocket Raccoon is a sarcastic and funny character that brings a lot of levity to the movies. He is a fan favorite, which makes him a popular cosplay choice.

Rocket Raccoon Costume Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Rocket Raccoon?

1. “That’s for when things get really hardcore. Or if you wanna blow up moons.”

2. “Let’s make something clear. This one here’s our booty! You wanna get to him, you go through us! Or more accurately… We go through you!!”

3. “I live for the simple things… like how much this is gonna hurt.”

4. “Ain’t nothin’ like me, ‘cept me.

5. “Aw, what the hell, I don’t got that long a lifespan anyway.”

6. “Pretty high and mighty coming from the lackey of a genocidal maniac. Yeah, I know who you are. Anyone who’s anyone knows who you are.”

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