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Richard “Rick” O’Connell is the protagonist of The Mummy film franchise. Before becoming an adventurer, he was a captain of the French Foreign Legion.

During his time in a Cairo prison, Rick O’Connell meets Evelyn and Jonathan Carnahan but is released early so Rick O’Connell can take them to Hamunaptra.

As he battles Imohotep and his zombies, he proves himself to be a skilled gunslinger. After rescuing Evelyn from the mummy, he falls in love with her and eventually marries her.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Work Shirt
  2. Leather Shoulder Holster
  3. Cargo Pants
  4. Gun Toy
  5. Brown Belt
  6. Gauntlet Wristband
  7. Blue Bandana
  8. Hunting Boots

DIY Rick O’Connell Costume Guide

Follow Rick O’Connell’s costume guide for a bold and death-defying look.

Start off with a white work shirt paired with cargo pants and brown hunting boots to nail the look.

Equip yourself with a brown leather shoulder holster, brown belt, and gun toy, which are essential items of every adventurer’s wardrobe from the early 20th century.

Then, you will need a blue bandana to keep your mouth and nose clear.

Finally, get a gauntlet wristband to wear on your right hand to complete the whole look.

Rick O’Connell – Old Town Road | Halloween Costume Ideas

Rick O’Connell Cosplay Costume

Though Rick’s costume consists of several pieces, it is easy to make. He is wearing a classic 1920s adventurous outfit, a look we have seen on the screen countless times.

Since he is French legionary, khaki trousers and a white shirt are critical pieces of clothing.

Additionally, there are gun props, brown leather belts, bandana, and wristbands. Overall, you will need a lot of clothes, but none will be challenging to find.

Rick O’Connell Costume

About Rick O’Connell

Rick O’Connell, portrayed by Brendan Fraser, is the leading character in this successful adventure film. Treasure hunting was only sometimes his thing.

Furthermore, he had a very honorable past, as he was a captain in the French Foreign Legion. In the middle of Egypt, he and his battalion were on a mission.

A natural adventurer, he has been involved in several escapades during his young life, some of which have led to crimes like robbing banks.

He left this life to become a member of the French Foreign Legion, where he participated in an expedition to a cemetery in ancient Egypt, Hamunaptra.

It is known that he was one of only two survivors of the trip. Later, he teams up with archaeologist-turned-librarian Evelyn Carnahan to prevent the reanimation of an ancient mummy called Imhotep.

What is the most famous quote from Rick O’Connell?

1. “Yeah. Loosen the knot and let me go.”

2. “Well, if it isn’t my little buddy Beni. I think I’ll kill you.”

3. “You dream about dead guys?”

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