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Richie Tenenbaum is from the movie, The Royal Tenenbaums. He is played by the famous Luke Wilson.

Richie Tenenbaum is a former tennis star that has a public breakdown. The breakdown leaves his career in ruins.

It was caused because he has unresolved and unacceptable feelings for his sister, Margot, who was adopted into the family.

Once he comes back home, he learns that his best friend is sleeping with Margot. He ends up having another breakdown, this one far more extreme.

Richie Tenenbaum is a dysfunctional and melancholy character. He is always seen looking rather sad and forlorn. He has a good heart and has endeared himself to fans of the film as a sympathetic character.

You’ll Need:

  1. Khaki Two Piece Suit
  2. Polo Shirt
  3. Brown Wig
  4. Aviator Sunglasses
  5. Brown Oxfords
  6. Full Beard
  7. Tennis Wristbands
  8. Headband

DIY Richie Tenenbaum Cosplay Guide

To start off the Richie Tenenbaum costume, you will need a brown suit jacket. Pair the brown jacket with a pair of dark brown slacks.

Underneath the brown suit coat, you can wear a white and blue pinstripe polo shirt reminiscent of tennis attire.

On his head, Richie Tenenbaum wears a sweatband like he would on the tennis court. He also wears armbands over his wrists.

Get his look by wearing a brown wig that stops at the shoulders. You will also need a full fake beard and mustache.

Finally, you can finish off the look by wearing a pair of brown aviator sunglasses. With all of these pieces together, you will have the perfect Richie Tenenbaum costume.

Richie Tenenbaum Cosplay Costume

Richie Tenenbaum seems to be fixated and stuck on his failed career in tennis. For this reason, he still wears tennis accessories even though he is wearing normal clothing over them.

This costume is unique and easy to replicate. All you will need are some semi-formal clothing and some sports accessories. You can enhance its appearance by having some friends go with you dressed as other characters from the movie.

You could also carry around a tennis racket with you to complete the look. This will make it quite clear who it is you are cosplaying at the Halloween party.

Richie Tenenbaum Cosplay

About Richie Tenenbaum

Richie Tenenbaum is one of the main characters in the Wes Anderson film, The Royal Tenenbaums. He is a complicated character who once was a famous tennis star.

Richie Tenenbaum had to give up his career after having a very public breakdown. Following the breakdown, he went off to live on a cruise ship.

The breakdown was caused in part by the fact that he is in love with his adoptive sister, Margot. He comes home and learns of her affair with his best friend, making matters worse.

Richie Tenenbaum Movie Clip | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Richie Tenenbaum?

1. “I wrote a suicide note.”

2. “Yeah. Right after I regained consciousness.”

3. “Dad, you were never dying.”

4. “I’m going to kill myself tomorrow.”

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