Rengoku: The Fiery Pillar of Strength

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One thing that should be in every anime fan’s stance is to witness or participate in a Rengoku cosplay. You might already be aware of the fact that he is a loved character in the well-known animation series Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer). As the Cornerstone of Fire of the Demon Slayer, Kyojuro was a…

You’ll Need:

  1. Rengoku Cosplay Costume
  2. Rengoku Wig
  3. Black Tabi Socks
  4. Kyojuro Rengoku Sword
  5. Rengoku Clog Shoes

DIY Rengoku Costume Guide

Rengoku is an enchanting and kind swordsman. He has achieved an extraordinary level of tactic and mastery of the sword as a result of rigorous training and conditioning. His mother instilled in him, from an early age, a set of moral guidelines and norms, the most crucial of which is the faith that strong borders should protect the vulnerable. As a result, he is a respectable warrior who abides by these rules. 

To dress like Rengoku, you will need Rengoku Cosplay Costume and Rengoku Wig to nail the iconic look. Then, put on Kyojuro Rengoku Sword with Black Tabi Socks. Finally, finish the look with Kyojuro Rengoku Sword.

Rengoku Cosplay Costume

Kyojuro is a youthful man who stands quite big and strong. He has yellow eyes, shiny yellow hair with random red stripes, and thick black eyebrows that are split into two places. His attire is the official uniform worn by Demon Slayers, and it features a steepest descent pattern that goes from white to yellow, with fiery ridges that look like blazes at the end. 

If you are just going to take a picture for your costume, you can easily edit the color of your hair to make it look like Rengoku. However, if you are going to an event, you should think about bleaching your hair or purchasing a customized wig instead. You will also require a pair of yellow contact lenses to match Rengoku. The final touches consist of having some cosmetics to display fire in the upper right corner of the face, which is one of the final touches. Additionally, some work needs to be done on the eyebrows.

Taking your cosplay to the next level, you can invite your friends to dress as Tanjiro, Mitsuri Kanroji, Shinobu, and Nezuko to keep the Demon Slayer theme going for Halloween. You surely stand out as an iconic group.

rengoku cosplay

About Rengoku from Demon Slayer

Among the nine pillars of the organization called Hashira, or perhaps the nine most powerful Demon Slayers is Kyojuro. To be more specific, Kyojuro became the Fiery Hashira, who was capable of using Flame Breathing. Kyojuro’s family has a long history of producing Demon Hunters. However, his survival has not been directly threatened by Demons like the lives of several other officers of the Corps.

Throughout childhood, Kyojuro’s sick mother implanted in him a strong sense of obligation, ingrained in him a sense of civic duty to defend the defenseless from demons. He joined the Corps to help society fulfill this duty. During the course of an assignment, Kyojuro lost his life in combat with Akaza, the devil who was ranked third inside the Twelve Kizuki. In the original Japanese edition of the show, Mariya Ise provided their voices for him as a kid. However, in the English adaptation of the animated films, Mark Whitten provided his voice.

Rengoku Makeup Tutorial | Cosplay and Halloween Ideas

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1. “You should become my Tsuguko, my apprentice! I’ll look after you!”

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