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Rebelde is a two-part series that shows the lives of the students from an elite Mexican school. The series tells the stories of these students about passion, rivalries, and friendships. Because of their love for music, six students bonded and shared the drama of ultra-wealthy and financially-problematic students. Rebelde shows how the six students tried…

You’ll Need:

  1. White Simple Shirt
  2. Denim Mini Skirts
  3. Knee High Heel Black Boots
  4. Men’s Dress Shirts
  5. Red Blazer
  6. Red Tie
  7. Regular Fit Flex Jean
  8. New Balance Sneaker

DIY Rebelde Costume Guide

Recreating the Rebelde costume with your friends is easy. Since the setting of the series is a school, the characters wear uniforms but are more revealing.

For girls, you can use a denim mini skirt, white button-down and figure-hugging long sleeves, black above-the-knee boots, and a red necktie to represent the school. 

Boys wear almost the same as girls; you can wear denim pants, long-sleeved dress shirts, a red blazer, a school necktie, and red sneakers.

Rebelde Cosplay Costume

In the TV series “Rebelde,” besides the attractive plot, the costumes of the six main characters are also the biggest feature. 

Their uniforms are so personalized that they have become an example for many to follow, especially teenagers.

To look like a student, you need to wear white button-down long sleeves. Girls can wear the white shirt tied just above their waists, or they can wear it as a regular shirt. 

The mini denim skirt popularity from the 2000s was used in this series.

Wearing a necktie also became a fashion statement during that year which was incorporated into the uniforms, adding knee-high boots to make them look like rebels

The boys only need to wear typical loose denim pants to get the Rebelde costume.

Personalized Gift with Your Favorite Character

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rebelde costume

About Rebelde

The series talks about the different socioeconomic issues of six teenagers that started their term in an elite school. 

Despite their differences, the students created a band that the other students could not ignore and a secret group called The Lodge.

It made them a target of a hazing incident. Due to this, their band career and academics were put at risk.

Though their rivals are still around, the six students try to take back their normal lives in the school. 

Because they are teenagers, love and friendships were established. The story is a typical teenage drama. But because of the secret group, the storyline became more complicated.
The issues portrayed in the series were love triangles, tensions between the characters, and betrayals. Rebelde is not pure drama; there are also scenes similar to musicals.

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