Rambo: A Lone War Veteran

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The Rambo costume is one of the most iconic costumes ever. Even those who have not seen the movies tend to know who the character of Rambo is. The character is so iconic that he has become well known even among non-fans. Rambo is a character that Sylvester Stallone plays. It is thought to be…

You’ll Need:

  1. 3D Muscle T-Shirt
  2. Black Curly Wig
  3. Cargo Pants
  4. Sports Head Ties
  5. Molded Bullet Belt
  6. Tactical Belt
  7. Airsoft Rifle
  8. Military Boot

DIY Rambo Costume Guide

Rambo is a skilled war veteran who is dealing with issues of PTSD after being discarded by his country once he returns from war. He is considered something of an anti-hero at first. Later movies focused more on the character enlisting in the military to take care of top-secret missions. He works with his former military commander, who thinks that Rambo might be the only one able to take care of these difficult jobs. 

Whether you love the movies or just the iconic attire, putting together a Rambo costume is easy. Start with Black Curly Wig, Sports Head Ties, and 3D Muscle T-Shirt to nail his iconic look. For the bottom, you will need Cargo Pants and Military Boot. Add Molded Bullet Belt, Tactical Belt, and Airsoft Rifle with you to complete the look. By following this guide, you’ll be ready to attend conventions and costume parties for the fearless mercenary in no time.

Rambo Cosplay Costume

Putting together the Rambo costume is a simple process because it is made up of equally simple pieces.

The first thing you will need to acquire is his dark tactical pants. Around his waist, he wears a matching black leather belt to keep the pants in place. He doesn’t wear a shirt, so you don’t have to worry about a top. If you want to wear one anyway, you can get away with a black tank top. Be sure to rip it a little for realism. For his shoes, opt for a pair of brown military boots to wear over the ankles of the pants. Perhaps the most important part of his costume is the red bandana he wears around his head.

He also wears a bullet belt around his waist and sometimes stores a knife there. You can find prop versions of both of these items as well. Finally, you will need an Airsoft rifle or other prop rifle. Carrying this weapon around will complete the costume.

rambo costume

About Rambo

Rambo is an iconic character from the movies of the same name. Sylvester Stallone plays the role of John Rambo. He is a war veteran that feels slighted when he returns from war only to be cast aside by his country. 

In the first movie, Rambo behaves like an anti-hero and suffers from PTSD that puts him through several challenges throughout. Later on, the movies focus on his actual enlistment. He goes to handle top-secret missions with his old commander, who believes that Rambo is the only one who can accomplish the necessary feats. 

Rambo Makeup Tutorial | Cosplay and Halloween Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Rambo?

1. “Old men start it, young men fight it, nobody wins, everybody in the middle dies, and nobody tells the truth!”

2. “You’re not hunting him. He’s hunting you.”

3. “Go live your life ’cause you’ve got a good one.”

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