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The Pugsley Addams costume is an easy way to dress up as a member of the quirky Addams family. He is one of the youngest members of the family.

Pugsley Addams is a strange child with equally strange interests. He forgoes more traditional toys in favor of playing with axes, grenades, knives, and other dangerous items.

He is incredibly smart and is commonly seen performing science experiments or inventing things.

Not much is known about him outside of his hobbies since other characters tend to take center stage. Still, he is quite beloved.

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Striped Shirt
  2. High Voltage Sign
  3. Black Shorts
  4. Laboratory Bottles
  5. Toxic Stickers
  6. Oxford Shoes
  7. Black Socks

DIY Pugsley Addams Costume Guide

Pugsley Addams is always seen wearing the same black and white striped shirt that has become his trademark.

Start off your costume with the most important piece first: his black and white short sleeve tee. You can pair it with a simple pair of black shorts.

On his feet, he wears a pair of black socks with matching black shoes. Make this costume bolder by carrying around laboratory bottles to show his love of science experiments.

You can even carry a high voltage sign and cover your accessories in “toxic” warning stickers.

Pugsley Addams Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Pugsley Addams Cosplay Costume

Fans of the Addams Family will love this simple costume. It is easy to throw together, consisting of only a few pieces of basic clothing, which makes it a good choice for beginners’ cosplay.

Its simplicity and subtlety also lend themselves to being a good “daytime” cosplay option.

You can turn this into part of a group costume by having other people dress as the rest of the Addams family characters, like Wednesday Addams, Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams, Uncle Fester, Cousin Itt, Lurch, etc.

Pugsley Addams Costume

About Pugsley Addams

Pugsley Addams is one of the background characters in the Addams family. He is the son of Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams and the younger brother of Wednesday Addams.

He is a pudgy, smart boy who fits into the family with his eccentric interests. Pugsley Addams loves to play around with dangerous items, invent things, and conduct science experiments.

What is the most famous quote from Pugsley Addams?

1. “Are they dead?”

2. “I knew that.”

3. “Father’s playing with his trains.”

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