Prison Mike: A Ridiculous Prison Look

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Prison Mike costume is one of the classic costumes in The Office. Prison Mike is what happens when Michael Scott goes a little bit too far to prove a point. In the episode, Michael discovers that an employee of his team spent time in prison. And he’s determined to make scare off everybody else in…

You’ll Need:

  1. 2-Piece Classic Fit Dress Suit
  2. Striped Dress Shirt
  3. Prison Mike Purple Bandana
  4. Black Oxford Shoe
  5. Classic Striped Brown Blue Tie
  6. Kangol Men’s 504 Cap

DIY Prison Mike Costume Guide

One of the main advantages of going for a Prison Mike costume is that it’s easy to identify. Especially compared to a standard Michael Scott cosplay. Any fans of the show will pick up on the signature bandanna and exaggerated accent. And if someone doesn’t get who are you dressed as will be able to discover a classic show of modern TV thanks to you.

To be Prison Mike you won’t need much. Chances are you’ll have most of the outfit at home already. You’ll need to dress up like an office worker so you’ll need to grab a striped dress shirt, 2-piece classic fit dress suit, classic ties, and black shoes. Then to make sure you become Prison Mike you’ll have to grab a purple bandana and wrap it over your head.

Prison Mike Cosplay Costumes

When it comes to cosplay costumes it’s all about your love for the show and the reaction you want from everybody else. This is why for fans of the show Prison Mike is an excellent pick. Although Prison Mike only appeared in one episode of The Office, it didn’t stop him from being a classic looker and making a lasting impression.

However as a sitcom, most characters in The Office are dressed in everyday clothes, so it can be hard to make an impact with your costume. Prison Mike is a great pick because it is immediately recognizable as a scene from The Office. On top of that, it’s a scene that involves the main character too.

A Prison Mike costume allows you to show some love for one of the best comedies out there. Prison Mike is from one of the most iconic scenes from The Office and stands out amongst other Michael Preston costumes. It is also a good idea to grab your friends to dress like Dwight Schrute, Angela Martin, and Jim Halpert, the members of The Office. Then your team will get more laughs at the Halloween party.

prison mike costume

About Prison Mike From The Office

“Prison Mike” is an exaggerated version of a former inmate. This is what Michael Scott assumes an inmate would look and act like; however as usual for Michael, his ideas are wildly inappropriate and silly.

Prison Mike first appears in”The Convict”. In the episode, Michael discovers that Martin Nash spent time in prison. Michael becomes concerned about the idea that the rest of his team might follow suit. So he sets up an emergency meeting to scare his team from going to jail. To do so he introduces himself as Prison Mike.

According to Prison Mike, he was sent to jail for kidnapping the president’s son. But he also says he never got caught. Prison food was also a major complaint about Prison Mike. Spouting all aspects of the prison with stereotypical thoughts and a bad accent. Overall, is true Michael Scott fashion. Prison Mike is mostly made-up of the internet and movies.

Prison Mike’s Classic Clip in The Office

What is the most famous quote from Prison Mike?

1. “I stole, and I robbed, and I kidnapped the President’s son and held him for ransom.”

2. “In prison, you are somebody’s bitch.”

3. “The worst thing about prison was the—was the Dementors. They were flying all over the place, and they were scary, and then they’d come down, and they’d suck the soul out of your body and it hurt!”

4. “These people don’t realize how lucky they are. This office is the American dream. And they would rather be in the hole.”

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