Present Mic (My Hero Academia) Cosplay


Fans of the anime series My Hero Academia will love the Present Mic costume. Also known as Hizashi Yamada, he is one of the characters in the show.

Present Mic earned recognition as a Pro Hero though now he is an English professor at U.A. High School. His unique gift and Quirk is that he can easily control the volume of his voice and weaponize it.

Present Mic is able to do all manner of things with it, including making a high-pitched noise that distracts or annoys enemies. He can also use it to hurt people who get too close to him.

Due to his outgoing and loud personality, Present Mic often gets compared to radio hosts. Present Mic gets very easily excited and has a much louder voice than any of the other characters.

You’ll Need:

  1. Present Mic Costume
  2. Present Mic Wig
  3. Triangle Rimless Sunglasses
  4. Fingerless Gloves
  5. Bluetooth Headphones
  6. Black Boots

DIY Present Mic Cosplay Guide

If Present Mic is your favorite character on My Hero Academia, you can dress just like him in a Present Mic costume.

Either wear leather pants and a leather jacket or get a premade Present Mic costume suit to begin. After that, you can begin to dress it up with accessories.

First, you should replicate his wild hairstyle with a Present Mic wig. Over the crown of your head, you can rest a pair of chunky over-the-ear headphones.

Over his eyes, he wears a pair of cat eye sunglasses. On his hands, he is always wearing a pair of black fingerless gloves.

Finally, finish off the ensemble with a pair of black boots. They should be tall enough to cover the calves.

Present Mic (My Hero Academia) Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Present Mic Cosplay Costume

Present Mic has a very bold and unique way of dressing. While his main ensemble mostly comes down to a leather top and pants, it can be hard to replicate the exact look.

You can skip over this by choosing to purchase a premade Present Mic costume.

Whatever you choose to do, you can quickly turn this Present Mic costume into a group costume. To do this, get some friends to dress up as other Heroes from My Hero Academia, like Froppy, Jiro, All Might, etc.

Present Mic Cosplay

About Present Mic from My Hero Academia

Present Mic is one of the characters in the anime series, My Hero Academia. He was once one of the Pro Heroes, but now he teaches English to other students at the U.A. High School.

He has a special Quirk like the other Heroes. Present Mic’s Quirk is his total control over his voice.

Present Mic is able to make his voice loud and shrill, which is good for aggravating and distracting enemies. He can also hurt them with it if they get too close.

He has a loud and outgoing personality to go with his boisterous voice. Present Mic is easily excitable and is sometimes compared to a radio host due to how he talks.

What is the most famous quote from Present Mic?

1. “In the world of heroes, it could be hard to get popular without a flashy Quirk, right Eraser Head?”

2. “Present Mic : Eraser Head, your students are amazing! What the heck are you teaching them?”

3. “Present Mic : There, you have it! Eraser Head is a terrible teacher!”

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