Power Chord (Fortnite) Costume

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The Power Chord costume is a popular choice for Fortnite players. Power Chord is one of the many skins that you can unlock in the game.

Skins allow players to change the appearance of their characters. This particular skin is considered a Legendary skin and can be found in the Volume 11 set.

You’ll Need:

  1. White Fishnet Shirt
  2. Black Crop Tank Top
  3. Spiky Headband
  4. Pink Bob Wig
  5. Leopard Print Elastic Leggings
  6. Electric Guitar
  7. Pink Armband
  8. Drop Leg Holster
  9. Black Finger-less Gloves
  10. Black Tactical Belt
  11. Green Shoe Laces
  12. Lace-up Combat Boots

DIY Power Chord Costume Guide

The costume is bold and comes with the slogan “bring on the noise complaints,” making it a bold choice for Fortnite players who like to stand out.

Below, you can learn how to dress as Power Chord in a Power Chord costume.

First and foremost, you will need a pair of pink leopard print leggings and a Fortnite tank top. Wear a long sleeve fishnet shirt over the top of it.

On the crown of her head, she wears a spiked headband. On her back, she carries a hot pink electric guitar. If you can find a pink one, you can spray paint a toy guitar.

She also wears a pair of black fingerless gloves and accessorizes with things like hot pink armbands, a leg holster, and a webbing belt. Power Chord wears a pair of high-top black boots and laces them up with green laces. Finally, stand out by getting a hot pink wig that is cut into a bob.

Power Chord Cosplay Costume

The Power Chord costume is a bold and dramatic one that is sure to catch the eye. It is a good costume choice for lovers of punk rock and Fortnite.

Its bold style will help you express your personality, all while showing off your love for the game. There are many ways to can dress it up, and one of them is by ensuring you get all of the many accessories that she wears.

If you want to take your cosplay to the next level, try to get a group costume with the Fortnite theme. Let your friends dress like Brite Bomber and Cuddle Team Leader,  and go to the cosplay party with you. It can surely give your costume an extra dose of fun.

Power Chord Costume

About Power Chord

Power Chord is one of the skins that you can unlock in Fortnite to change the appearance of your character. This skin is considered to be a Legendary skin and is only accessible in the volume 11 set.

Power Chord is a punk rock skin with a bold style thanks to the six-string guitar she carries around.

Power Chord (Fortnite) Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

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