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Despite common belief, Poison Ivy is not a damsel in distress, and you can see that from the Poison Ivy costume. She is overpowering but also has a true power of seduction too. Her focus is to try and take over Gotham City, as well as Batman and anyone that stands in her way. Granted,…

You’ll Need:

  1. Green Corset Dress
  2. Long Wave Red Wig
  3. Green Pantyhose
  4. Green Glitter High Heel Boots
  5. Artificial Ivy Leaves
  6. Green Costume Gloves
  7. Green Leaf Thigh Wraps
  8. Green Eye Mask
  9. Green Eyeshadow Palette

DIY Poison Ivy Costume Guide

Poison Ivy is always been a cool character because she has great, yet poisonous looks, and you will appreciate the seductive aspect.

Yet at the same time, she can also undermine you since you think she is weak.

Try this Poison Ivy costume to be deadly beauty with a true power of seduction.

To dress like Poison Ivy, you need a green corset dress with artificial ivy leaves. A long-wavered wig is a must-have to recreate her look.

A green pantyhose and green glitter high heel boots are incredibly important. On the shoes, you do have green leaf thigh wraps. You will also need to apply green eyeshadow.

Don’t forget to put on a green sequin eye mask to complete your Poison Ivy look.

Poison Ivy Cosplay Costume

Poison Ivy as a whole is a very integral character in the Batman series of villains. She is known for being a very distinctive and unique character that will impress you right away.

That being said, the Poison Ivy costume does integrate that poison ivy style and it looks amazing. The quality is great and the attention to detail is unlike anything that you can find out there. 

The Poison Ivy costume is cool and creative, and you will find yourself impressed with how visually imposing and impressive it can actually be.

This Poison Ivy costume would make for a great DC Comic theme cosplay. So grab your friends and have them dress like other members, such as Batman, Green Arrow, and Superman.

poison ivy costume

About Poison Ivy From Batman

Poison Ivy is a recurring Batman enemy and despite that, she isn’t really an evil person, to begin with. Her name was Pamela Lillian Isley. She was a botanist and she always loved being near plants.

She was seduced by a professor to steal an ancient artifact, and the professor ended up poisoning her. He didn’t have success and Poison Ivy actually gained immunity to natural toxins

Poison Ivy was also seduced by a professor with the idea of injecting toxins into her body. That being said, this is when she becomes Poison Ivy, and she starts having all kinds of superhuman activities.

She does have a deadly kiss that actually kills enemies. With that being said, she attacks people in the city because she thinks that she can’t trust anyone anymore!

Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Poison Ivy?

1. “I Am Nature’s Arm. Her Spirit. Hell, I Am Mother Nature.”

2. “Nature Always Wins.”

3. “What? I’m Not Destroying The World, I’m Saving It!”

4. “They Can Bury Us Deep, But We Always Grow Back.”

5. “A Very Enlightened Statement Batman. We’ll Carve It On Your Headstone.”

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