Last-Minute Platelet Costume Idea

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  1. Blue Swing Dress
  2. Blood Platelet Wig
  3. Cells at Work Boots
  4. Blood Platelet Cap
  5. Yellow Flag
  6. Yellow Messenger Bag

Easy DIY Platelet Cosplay Guide

Platelet is a minor character in the Anime Cells at Work, created by Akane Shimizu. Formed by a Megakaryocyte via fragmentation, she is the leader of the Platelet Division. She and her team of Platelets are primarily responsible for reconstructing injuries and developing blood clots in the body. This is one blood cell who takes her job seriously!

To dress like Platelet, you will need a long, simple Blue Swing Dress paired with Cells at Work Boots and Platelet’s signature Hat. Then, get a long Light Brown colored Hair Wig that extends around your waist. Finally, you will need a plain Yellow Flag and a simple Yellow Messenger Bag with a long strap.

About Platelet From Cells At Work

She is typically accompanied by a platelet boy and girl, who keenly assist her in all tasks. Don’t let her diminutive size and adorable appearance fool you because she is vital in keeping human bodies going.

Platelet works as a construction worker within the human body. Small and nimble, she and her team move through bacteria to cover up wounds while under the protection of white blood cells. She is polite, bouncy, and a strong leader among her peers. She is proficient at getting everyone to work together towards a common goal.

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