Platelet (Cells at Work) Costume


A Platelet costume would be unmistakable to Anime fans of the current age. While Cells at Work! hasn’t been around for ages, it made its presence known.

Platelet may be a minor character in the Anime, but she is undoubtedly one of its cutest characters. Formed by a Megakaryocyte via fragmentation, she is the leader of the Platelet Division.

Don’t let her diminutive size and adorable appearance fool you, because she plays a vital role in keeping human bodies going.

She and her team of Platelets are primarily responsible for reconstructing injuries and forming blood clots in the body. This is one blood cell who takes her job seriously!

She is typically seen accompanied by a platelet boy and platelet girl, who keenly assist her in all tasks.

You’ll Need:

  1. Blue Swing Dress
  2. Blood Platelet Wig
  3. Cells at Work Boots
  4. Blood Platelet Cap
  5. Yellow Flag
  6. Yellow Messenger Bag

DIY Platelet Costume Guide

Platelet instantly became a fan-favorite thanks to her simple but adorable look. Her getup complements this aesthetic perfectly.

Her warm and light-colored ensemble makes her a comfortable Cosplay choice. Armed with our Platelet costume guide below, you too can easily mimic her look.

Get started with a long, simple Blue T-Shirt or Short Dress. It should be the trademark light blue color, short sleeves, and baggy fit.

Follow up with a pair of Cells at Work Boots for your feet, possibly white-rimmed.

Getting Platelet’s signature Hat with the Black Writing on it. Underneath must be a long Light Brown colored Hair Wig that extends to around your waist.

Finally, you will need a plain Yellow Flag and a simple Yellow Messenger Bag with a long strap.

Platelet Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Platelet Cosplay Costume

Platelet is nothing less than a Loli icon now, cute and wholesome. People don’t have to watch Cells at Work! to know who she is, all that’s important is that she’s a ball of positivity. 

If you’re on the lookout for extremely comfortable cosplay, which you even wear to the Grocery Store on occasion, this is your calling!

Start acknowledging the hard work of the Platelets within you by doing justice to his cosplay. It is very easy to put together and can even become a part of your regular wardrobe.

Why not attempt a Cells at Work! group cosplay this Halloween? Get your friends to cosplay as your fellow Platelets or even other Cell types predominantly featured in the Anime. You’ll be representing an integral team of cells literally keeping your body alive!

Platelet costume

About Platelet from Cells at Work!

Platelet works as a sort of construction worker within the human body. Small and nimble, she and her team move through bacteria to cover up wounds while under the protection of white blood cells.

She is polite, bouncy, and a strong leader among her peers. She is particularly proficient at getting everyone to work together towards a common goal.

Her innocence and humbleness are her greatest ceiling points, leaving even other Cells liable to her charms. She loves cuddling with and getting attention from AE3803, whom she views as her big sister!

What is the most famous quote from Platelet?

1. “Do not act on your own, or you will get separated!”

2. “Use GP1b properly, so that we won’t be sent flying.”

3. “Good! Well then, let’s go!”

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