Plague Doctor: Heroes in a Beak Mask

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The Plague Doctor outfit was worn by physicians who treated victims of the bubonic plague in the 17th century. In recent years, it has gained popularity again as a meme on sites such as Creepypasta and 4chan.

You’ll Need:

  1. Plague Doctor Mask
  2. Black Hooded Robe
  3. Black Tactical Face Mask
  4. Wood Cross Pendant Necklace
  5. Raven Cane Handle
  6. Black Wide Brim Hat
  7. Military Boots
  8. Leather Belt
  9. Leather Gloves

DIY Plague Doctor Outfit Guide

The Plague Doctor outfit is so iconic that its beak mask and black coat easily identify it. Dressing up in a Plague Doctor is a bold and unsettling choice that is sure to impress people of all ages, even those who are unaware of the historical origins of the costume. 

To dress up as a Plague Doctor, you will need the following: a Plague Doctor Mask, Black Hooded Robe, Black Tactical Face Mask, Wood Cross Pendant Necklace, Black Wide Brim Hat, Military Boots, Raven Cane Handle, and Leather Gloves.

Plague Doctor Cosplay Costume

The beak mask is the most iconic and recognizable part of the Plague Doctor outfit, so this is essential for getting a beak mask for your face. If you can’t find a ready-made beak mask that suits you, you can make one out of cardboard or specialty paper. Make sure to make the beak nice and long (about six inches). Also, make sure to cut out circles for the eyes and cover these holes with see-through black fabric. On your head, you’ll need a wide flat-brimmed black hat.

On your body, you’ll need to wear a long black cloak. Make sure to get a cloak that is long enough that it at least reaches your ankles. You can opt for one with a hood to make it more historically accurate. Underneath the cloak, you can wear whatever you want. However, if you want to be as historically accurate as possible, you can choose to wear 17th-century clothing underneath. On your feet, you’ll need black dress shoes.

To complete your outfit, you’ll need to wear leather gloves. If you want, you can choose to make your costume even more unsettling by choosing leather gloves with long spindly fingers. Finally, you’ll need to carry around a wooden cane.

plague doctor outfit

About Plague Doctor

Plague Doctors existed in real life. They were physicians who treated those who were afflicted with the bubonic plague in Europe in the 17th century. These physicians wore this unsettling outfit to protect themselves from the plague. The iconic beak-like mask was stuffed with flowers, herbs, perfume, or vinegar-soaked sponges. This was because they believed at the time that the plague was spread through bad-smelling air. The hat was worn to make people aware that they were physicians. The cloak and gloves were worn to prevent skin-on-skin contact with patients. It was an early version of the present-day personal protective equipment (PPE). The wooden cane was also used to examine patients without touching them, a way of enforcing social distancing.

Plague Doctor Outfit | Halloween Costume Ideas

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