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The pearl costume is the perfect choice for you if you love crystal gems as well as Steven Universe.

In the Steven Universe series, Pearl is one of the most important characters, and she plays an important role in the storyline of the series.

In ancient times, she was an ancient woman who trained Steven on how to operate as a crystal gem throughout his life.

It has been an immense change for Pearl since she first appeared on the show. She has gained confidence and strength mentally and physically since then.

Even though she was one of the newest Crystal Gems on Earth, she led a rebellion against her world.

Although she can be stern at times, she is very motherly towards Steven. When she hasn’t understood something, she overbearing has been known to be flustered despite her calm and composed demeanor.

You’ll Need:

  1. Tank Top
  2. Steven Universe Pearl Wig
  3. Yellow Shorts
  4. Yellow Star Patch
  5. Blue Ribbon
  6. Kirito Turquoise Sword
  7. Ballet Flats
  8. Light Pink Socks
  9. Large Oval Pearl Cabochons

DIY Pearl Cosplay Guide

To dress like Pearl, you will need a Tank Top in Tiffany blue and a matching ribbon to tie around her waist.

The Yellow Spandex Shorts are one of the easiest items to find when it comes to finding the right item. Wear a blue pair of ballet flats in Tiffany blue along with a pair of light pink knee-high socks to complement the color of your hair.

It would be best to apply temporary hair color according to the color of Pearl’s short and peachy hair.

It is impossible to leave out Pearl’s signature items, including her iron-on star to match her shirt, an oval pearl gem to adhere to the forehead, as well as a spear that she carries with her.

Pearl Cosplay Costume

You can make Pearl’s costume your own using options from her earlier days. If you want to recreate her style in the easiest way possible, this is the guide for you.

With a little creativity, Pearl can be dressed for a cosplay convention no matter what you have on hand!

It is better to form a group cosplay instead of cosplaying Pearl alone at your next cosplay event. Invite your friends to dress like Garnet, Steven Universe, Amethyst, Greg Universe, or other Steven Universe members and go to the party with you. It will definitely get more fun to your cosplay.

Pearl Cosplay

About Pearl from Steven Universe Series

In making the bold move of joining the Crystal Gems, Pearl is one of the last gems left alive. The Crystal Gems and the other Gems of the Gem Homeworld rebel against the Gem Homeworld.

Her personality shows that Pearl has self-esteem issues, despite her ice-blue skin and peachy-pink hair. The Crystal Gems and the Earth are her most precious possessions, and she will do whatever it takes to protect them.

While she loves Earth and its inhabitants, she is still learning basic human characteristics such as joking and playing games. As Steven Universe and the other Crystal Gems adjust to this new world, she’s still learning how to adapt.

Pearl Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Pearl?

1. “That’s right! I am a Pearl!”

2. “People want to blame all the world’s problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone’s control.”

3. “Rose made me feel like I was everthing.”

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