Peaky Blinders (Thomas Shelby) Costume

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Getting the Peaky Blinders costume is simple. Thomas Shelby is the patriarch of the Shelby Family and leader of the Birmingham criminal gang from the series Peaky Blinders. After serving in World War I, he experienced nightmares and disillusionment. His rival gangs pursue threatening his family by revealing his dark and criminal past. Under his…

You’ll Need:

  1. 3 Piece Tweed Suit
  2. Mid-Length Wool-Blend Top Coat
  3. White Dress Shirt
  4. Flat Tweed Hat
  5. Oxford Boots
  6. Vintage Pocket Watch with Chain
  7. Red Tie

DIY Peaky Blinders Costume Guide

Being the leader of Peaky Blinders, a street gang from Birmingham, he does everything to dominate with his intelligence and initiative.

He proves to everyone that protecting his family and business is his priority. He was respected by people from his community and is feared by his enemies.

Getting the Peaky Blinders costume and liking Thomas Shelby is easy.

Most of the items you will need are not complicated to find.

You will need a wool suit, black coat, red tie, white collared shirt, pocket watch, tweed hat, and a pair of black boots. 

How to Get Thomas Shelby Hairstyle | Halloween and Cosplay Ideas

Peaky Blinders Cosplay Costume

The Peaky Blinders costume showcases 1920s fashion. Thomas Shelby’s costume is a traditional three-piece suit.

A white club-collared shirt with French cuffs is worn with a wool suit. This is partnered with a tie. His accessories include a pocket watch and a tweed hat. To finish the look, wear black boots and a black pea coat.

Every Peaky Blinder character has a tailored suit that is part of a man’s wardrobe in the 1920s. The character’s costume does not really look like a costume, but it will make you look like someone who dresses well.

Get your friends to dress up like the other characters, Arthur, John, Polly, Grace, and Ada Shelby to complete the family on cosplay.

Each character has a distinct style of costume. You need to focus on small details to get the accurate style of each costume.

peaky blinders costume

About Thomas Shelby From Peaky Blinders

The Peaky Blinders is set in Birmingham, England during the British period. It is led by Thomas Shelby as the gang’s ambitious boss.

Aside from being a gang leader, he also leads the expanding and growing Shelby Company Limited. 

Thomas Shelby leads the family in solidifying their power in their community. He will do whatever it takes to give his family a better life. As his gang expanded, he gained more power but more enemies as well.

He became a member of the parliament to gain power and protection to show everyone that he is tricky. He does not care who he faces and manipulates people to gain control.

What is the most famous quote from Peaky Blinders?

1. “I don’t pay for suits. My suits are on the house or the house burns down.”

2. “Everyone’s a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves.”

3. “Whisky’s good proofing water. Tells you who’s real and who isn’t.”

4. “All religion is a foolish answer to a foolish question.”

5. “The only way to guarantee peace is by making the prospect of war seem hopeless.”

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