Negan: Jovial and Horrifying Villain

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Negan is a villain in The Walking Dead franchise. He first appears in the comics and later makes his screen debut in the television series. Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan is a charismatic villain. The group first meets him when Negan’s henchman stops them on the road and brutally kills two of the members.…

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Leather Jacket
  2. Red Neckerchief Scarf
  3. Leather Pistol Cartridge Belt
  4. Foam Barbed Bat
  5. Relaxed Fit Jean
  6. Black Leather Gloves
  7. Military Boots

DIY Negan Costume Guide

A few traits about Negan make him stand out as an interesting villain. One of them is how the horrors he causes roll off his shoulders with an easy laugh. The complex nature of Negan, as well as his terrifying but jovial personality, has made him a character fans love to hate. Perhaps the most iconic piece of Negan’s attire is the bat he carries around. It is wrapped in barbed wire and named Lucille. Lucille is only one part of a Negan costume, however. It is simple to do if you want to cosplay Negan for your next convention or Halloween party. 

Start with Black Leather Jacket, Relaxed Fit Jean, and Military Boots. Then, add Red Neckerchief Scarf, Leather Pistol Cartridge Belt, and Black Leather Gloves to nail the look. Don’t forget to bring the Foam Barbed Bat with you to finish your own Negan costume.

Negan Cosplay Costume

Among horror fans, the Negan costume is a famous one. Negan is constantly seen wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket with a zipper. Under that, he wears a simple black shirt and a solid red bandana tucked around his neck. On his hands are a pair of black leather gloves he wears when he wields Lucille, the bat. Negan also wears a simple pair of gray denim jeans and black boots. 

Around his waist, he wears a brown leather cartridge gun belt, though that is not the weapon he often reaches for. Instead, he prefers to swing Lucille. To wield the iconic weapon, you can either buy a premade replica or make the prop yourself. Simply buy a baseball bat and then wrap fake barbed wire around it.

negan costume

About Negan from The Walking Dead

Negan is one of the main villains that Rick and his group come across in The Walking Dead. The first introduction to Negan finds the group on their knees at his mercy. Viewers get a first taste of his disturbing personality as he laughs and sings eenie-meenie-ninie-moe to decide which of the main characters he will kill with his baseball bat. He affectionately calls the bat “Lucille.”

He is a very jolly man who is always cracking jokes and has a particularly foul mouth. Another lies in the method he uses to terrorize as well. Negan runs a survivor group called The Saviors with strict rules and an iron fist. At his home, the Sanctuary, he has a moral code that seems to contradict his behavior and the way he interacts with other survivors.

Negan Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Negan?

1. “Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the same, so why should yours?!”

2. “I just popped your skull so hard your eyeball popped out, and that shit is gross.”

3. “I’ve got my fingers crossed for a little freaky deeky.”

4. “No one ever thinks that they are the evil one.”

5. “Punishment – can’t do anything without that. Punishment is how we built everything we have.”

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