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A Napoleon Dynamite costume is sure to be recognized, even by those who have never seen the movie. It is a cult classic from the 2000s.

Napoleon Dynamite is a high school boy who lives in a rather boring and average high school town. The people he encounters in his life make his life anything but, however.

Napoleon Dynamite lives with his strange brother, Kip, and their mother. Throughout the movie, he tries to help his best friend, Pedro, win the school presidency through a campaign.

He also tries to win the heart of his crush, Trisha, while remaining clueless about his other friend, who has a crush on him.

You’ll Need:

  1. Napoleon Dynamite Shirt
  2. Napoleon Dynamite Wig and Glasses
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Casio Watch
  5. Cassette Player
  6. Napoleon Dynamite Shoes Cover

DIY Napoleon Dynamite Costume Guide

He is a goofy person who doesn’t even realize just how nerdy he is. Napoleon Dynamite is funny without even trying and is quite loveable.

Among the most important pieces of the Napoleon Dynamite costume is the white and red “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt. He pairs this shirt with a simple pair of blue denim jeans.

The hair of the character also stands out. Get a short, curly brown wig to put on your head. He accessorizes with a digital sports watch and a pair of metal glasses.

Make yourself really look like a high schooler by carrying with you a trapper keeper binder. You can also wear a pair of headphones and carry around a stereo cassette player.

Finally, finish off his eccentric style with some moon boot shoe covers.

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Napoleon Dynamite Cosplay Costume

This costume is a casual and comfortable one. Because it is so subtle, you could even get away with wearing it as a secret “daytime” cosplay.

It largely consists of a t-shirt and jeans, making it a comfy choice for long periods of wear. You can enhance this costume and get a duo costume by wearing it alongside your friends dressed as Pedro from the movie.

Napoleon Dynamite Costume

About Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is the eccentric and quirky main character of the movie of the same name. He comes from a small suburban town that doesn’t have much going for it.

What makes the place interesting are all of the unusual characters in it. This includes his best friend, Pedro. Throughout the movie, Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro are campaigning for Pedro to become the school president.

Napoleon Dynamite is surrounded by other strange characters as well. This includes his adventurous mother, his awkward brother Kip, and Napoleon Dynamite’s crush, Trisha.

Together, the cast of characters creates a memorable and funny movie that became a cult classic from the 2000s.

What is the most famous quote from Napoleon Dynamite?

1. “Kip, Bring Me My Chapstick!”

2. “Worst Day Of My Life, What Do You Think?!”

3. “I Caught You A Delicious Bass.”

4. “I Told You! I Spent It With My Uncle In Alaska Hunting Wolverines!”

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