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The Nancy Wheeler costume comes from the Netflix original series Stranger Things. She is one of the prominent characters on the show.

Nancy Wheeler is the older sister of Mike. She makes her first appearance in the first season of the series as a good friend of the character Barb Holland.

Shortly after viewers meet Barb, she goes missing inexplicably. Nancy Wheeler is among those who are determined to find out what really happened to her.

Nancy Wheeler is inquisitive and curious as a person. She is very strong-willed and is not easily dissuaded from doing something hard just because it is challenging.

Due to her dedication and loyalty as a friend, Nancy Wheeler became a popular character among fans of Stranger Things. Below, you can learn how to cosplay her yourself with our Nancy Wheeler costume guide.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red Cotton Jacket
  2. Flannel Plaid Shirt
  3. Blue Sweatshirt
  4. Blue Jeans
  5. Leather Watch
  6. White Gloves
  7. Brown Boots
  8. Baseball Bat

DIY Nancy Wheeler Costume Guide

To begin the costume, you’ll first need to get a long-sleeve red and blue plaid flannel shirt. Over the shirt, you can layer a light blue sweatshirt or sweater.

She wears a faux leather jacket in pink as her final layer on top. Nancy likes to stick to comfortable, straight-leg jeans and a pair of riding or combat boots.

Accessorize the Nancy Wheeler costume by wearing white fingerless gloves and a circular watch on your wrist. Finally, you can carry around a baseball bat to protect yourself, as she does.

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Nancy Wheeler Costume Cosplay

Stranger Things is a show set in small-town America in the 1980s. Like all the characters in the show, Nancy Wheeler’s clothes reflect this.

This costume is a great choice for anyone who likes the casual retro styles of the era. It also makes for subtle daytime cosplay.

As for the plot, Nancy Wheeler ends up with the rest of the older characters in the show, trying to solve the mystery of the missing people. As such, this costume is a good choice as part of a group costume. Get some of your friends to dress up as these characters.

Nancy Wheeler Costume

About Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler, played by Natalia Dyer, is one of the recurring characters in the Netflix show Stranger Things. Viewers are introduced to her in the first season of the show.

Her best friend, Barb, has mysteriously disappeared. Nancy Wheeler is not satisfied with speculation about what happened to her and is determined to find out for herself.

She is a determined person who is loyal to her friends no matter what. Even when things are scary or difficult, Nancy does not back down.

Nancy Wheeler is very sure of herself and confident, which makes it easier for her to talk to the people she needs to in order to get information about Barb’s disappearance.

In the article above, we showed you how to make your own Nancy Wheeler costume. Follow these steps: Your cosplay will be ready in no time.

What is the most famous quote from Nancy Wheeler?

1. “Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

2. “Nobody deviates from the plan, no matter what.”

3. “You know, out of all my brother’s friends, you’re my favorite.”

4. “I don’t want to be alone.”

5. “You killed Barbara!”

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