Last-Minute Nacho Libre Costume Idea

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  1. Red Cape
  2. Nacho Libre Mask
  3. Nacho Libre Wig & Mustache
  4. Light Blue Leggings
  5. Wrestling Costume Boots
  6. Fabric Embroidery Patches
  7. Red Underwear

Easy DIY Nacho Libre Costume Guide

Nacho Libre, portrayed by Jack Black, is a cook during the day and a wrestler at night in the movie Nacho Libre, He is highlighted as a caring, genuine person who cares for the orphans and would do what it takes to provide for them. What led him toward the wrestling ring? Love. And the desire to be a luchador.

To dress like Nacho Libre, you will need a red cap, a Nacho Libre wig and mustache, light blue leggings with fabric embroidery patches, wrestling costume boots, and red underwear. Most importantly, put on a Nacho Libre mask to complete your look.

About Nacho Libre

The movie story follows a monastery cook, Ignacio, who spends his day feeding orphans. He is somebody who follows the gospel and loves the kids. But he aspires to do more outside of the church and outside of his normal cooking duties. And he wants to become a luchador.

When Sister Encarnación arrives at the convent, Ignacio realizes that the only way to win her affection and save the children is to enter the tournament as a wrestler.

But wrestling is forbidden in his convent, so he pretends to be Nacho Libre and enters the wrestling tournament as a secret. He eventually wins the tournament and uses the money he wins to support the orphanage. At the same time, he wins the favor of Sister Encarnacion.

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