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Fans of American Horror Story: Coven is sure to love the Myrtle Snow costume. She is one of the most eye-catching characters on the show.

Myrtle Snow is a witch who belongs to a coven consisting of descendants of the Salem witches. She serves as the chairman of the Witch Council.

As a witch, she tends to favor truth spells. She is quite sophisticated, and it shows in her expensive, albeit strange, attire.

Beyond being the talented witch that she is, Myrtle Snow really loves fashion and dressing up to express herself. This lends the character many opportunities for unique manners of dress.

You’ll Need:

  1. Polka Dot Blouse
  2. Black Sweater Cape
  3. Dot Maxi Skirt
  4. Polka Dot Vintage Scarf
  5. Myrtle Snow Wig
  6. Cat Eye Glasses
  7. Black Belt
  8. Yellow Gloves

DIY Myrtle Snow Costume Guide

This costume reflects one of her more iconic and memorable looks on the show.

It begins with a Polka Dot Blouse and Dot Maxi Skirt paired with Black Sweater Cape. Bring more polka dots to the look with a scarf that uses a matching pattern.

Around her waist, she gives the dress some shape by wearing a belt to cinch the fabric.

One of the pieces of this Myrtle Snow costume that stands out the most is her vibrantly contrasting gloves. Find a pair of yellow gloves that run up the forearms to get the look.

Her hair also makes her stand out, so it’s important to get a wig to match. Find a natural red wig and tease it to give it the “big hair” look that she has.

Finally, you should accessorize with the same glasses that she is known for. Grab a pair of cat eyeglasses to create the look.

Myrtle Snow Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Myrtle Snow Cosplay Costume

Anyone who likes to wear dramatic clothing with an eccentric flair will love the Myrtle Snow costume. Not only is her outfit rather unique, but her wild red hair also makes her stand out.

The Myrtle Snow costume can easily become a part of a group cosplay. All you’ll need to do is get some friends to dress up as other members of her coven.

Myrtle Snow Costume

About Myrtle Snow

Myrtle Snow is a prominent character in the television series, American Horror Story: Coven. She is one of the witches who descended from the Salem witches.

Myrtle Snow serves as the chairman of the Witch Council and takes her job very seriously. She is also a dedicated witch who tends to favor truth spells above all.

Besides being talented at what she does, Myrtle Snow is also known for having an eccentric fashion sense. Throughout the show, she can be seen wearing haute couture attire.

Even as she marches to her death, Myrtle Snow makes sure that she does so in style.

What is the most famous quote from Myrtle Snow?

1. “I’ve always loved you like a daughter. Wrap your arms around me, dear girl. Use your power of sight, and you’ll see that I could not have done this terrible thing.”

2. “The generous donors wish to remain anonymous.”

3. “He gets no credit. It was I who restored our beloved Cordelia.”

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