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The Mount Lady costume is an excellent choice for fans of the anime series, My Hero Academia. She is a dynamic character who is well-loved by fans.

Mount Lady has a strong personality. She is a powerful and outgoing hero who uses her charm to her advantage.

Some people don’t find her all that charming, however; Mount Lady tends to be motivated by attention and is very vain. She is well aware that she is pretty and often uses that to her advantage.

Mount Lady is also rather selfish and will step on others on her way to the top. Her Quirk is that she is capable of growing to a massive size.

Unfortunately, she has no control over her height. This means she can only ever be normal size or giant. She tries to be careful when fighting so as not to grow too tall without meaning to.

You’ll Need:

  1. Mount Lady Costume
  2. Mount Lady Wig
  3. Mount Lady Horn
  4. Purple Eyewear
  5. Purple Boots

DIY Mount Lady Cosplay Guide

Because the Mount Lady costume has such a unique design, you can buy a Mount Lady costume that is already premade. This will ensure that you look the part without having to spend a lot of time customizing the body suit.

Once you have the body suit costume taken care of, you are already almost done. On your feet, you can wear a pair of purple boots.

To mimic the look of her hair, you should get a long blonde wig with layers. She also has large purple horns on her head that you can add to complete the look perfectly.

Finally, get purple eyewear to complete the whole look.

Mount Lady Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Mount Lady Cosplay Costume

Mount Lady’s costume is a popular one due to the way it looks like a typical superhero costume. It consists of a one-piece body suit.

Due to its form-fitting nature, it’s a fun choice for those who like showing off their figure. Another interesting point about the costume is the set of purple horns on her head which adds visual intrigue.

This Mount Lady costume can be made even better by having some of your friends dress up as other members from My Hero Academia, like Toga, All Might, Dabi, Present Mic, etc.

Mount Lady Cosplay

About Mount Lady

Mount Lady is one of the Heroes in the anime, My Hero Academia. She stands out not just with her attire but with her personality as well.

Though she is popular, many find Mount Lady to be unpleasant. This is because she is rather arrogant and full of herself.

She is also an attention seeker who will do whatever she deems necessary to get it. She’ll behave this way even at the expense of others.

Just like her fellow Heroes, Mount Lady has a unique Quirk: she is able to grow to enormous heights. Unfortunately, she cannot control when this happens.

What is the most famous quote from Mount Lady?

1. “It’s just what you like, right?”

2. “Of course not! it’s just, how do I put it, I think your amazing… For your age.”

3. “I’m saying that if the older generation tries too hard, then it’s hopeless for us younger folks!”

4. “Kamui! Kamui! Wouldn’t she be good as a sidekick?”

5. “She seems straight-laced, but she’s cute!”