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Using the M&M costume for parties is unusual, but if you’re into it, here’s what you need to have.

This is one of the favorite chocolate candies of everyone all around the globe. Its roundness, color, and sweetness became the reason why people love it.

To identify whether it is M&M candy or not, M&M has its signature letter on each candy side.

You’ll Need:

  1. M&M Shirt
  2. Suspenders
  3. Short Tutu
  4. White Gloves
  5. White Denim Shorts
  6. White Converse
  7. Triple Stripes Socks

DIY M&M Costume Guide

Because the M&M costume with the round candy can be hard to DIY, an alternative costume can be done which can still show the candy’s colors.

This one can be used by girls that come in groups during costume parties. You only need an M&M Shirt, Short Tutu, White Denim Shorts, White Converse, Suspenders, and Triple Stripes Socks.

Almost all the pieces can be found in your closet. A little bit of modification can complete your M&M costume.

M&M Cosplay Costume

To get its colorful look, you need to be in a color that comes in the candy pack. It can be red, yellow, green, blue, or brown.

You need to wear a t-shirt in an M& M color printed with its signature small case letter M in the middle.

Match it with the same color skirt. For a more girly look, you may try different types of skirts, a pleated one or a tutu skirt.

For your accessories, use suspenders with the same color as your shirt and skirt, and use large cartoon hands if you have them, or just a pair of white gloves.

Complete your M&M costume with a pair of white sneakers and knee-high team socks in the same color you used for the shirt and skirt.

This is a fun way to get a costume for your girlfriends. Not only the costume pieces are easy to find, but you can also complete every M&M color!

M&M Costume

About M&M

These candies are multi-colored button shapes that started in the USA and are available in more than 100 countries. It is small-sized chocolate coated with a sugary shell to prevent the chocolate from melting.

Hence, its iconic slogan, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.”.

These candies also made names for different events. It was the first candy to be brought into space, personally chosen by the astronauts to be included in their supplies. It was also chosen as the official snack of the 1984 Olympics.

A candy made by M&M/Mars, it became popular and was released in different variants such as peanut, caramel chocolate, fudge brownie, dark chocolate, and many others.

Its characters were first seen as “spokes candies” in a 1995 campaign. Each color on the campaign animation depicts the different variants of the chocolate candy voiced by different artists.

The female M&M characters were introduced later in advertisements. To this date, M&M has a particular store where you can buy its merchandise or experience packing your M&M candies.

M&M Costume| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous Slogan from M&M?

1. “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

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