Mitsuri Kanroji: The Skilled Swordsman of the Demon Slayer Corps

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A sure Mitsuri Kanroji cosplay costume that can slay just like how she slays demons! Mitsuri Kanroji is a skilled demon slayer and swordsman of The Demon Slayer Corps, an organization depicted as the protectors of the Humans against evil. Mitsuri Kanjori’s character in the manga series is portrayed as very emotional and shy yet…

You’ll Need:

  1. Mitsuri Kanroji Costume Set
  2. Kanroji Mitsuri Cosplay wig
  3. Clog Shoes
  4. Mitsuri Kanroji Sword
  5. Mitsuri Kanroji Earrings
  6. Green Cosplay for Eyes

DIY Mitsuri Kanroji Costume Guide

Mitsuri Kanroji is a young woman with light green eyes, fair skin, curvy. As seen in the series, Mitsuri Kanroji cosplay outfit is different from the rest. Because it is more complementing of her features, particularly her body. 

Start off with the Mitsuri Kanroji cosplay set. This costume also includes thigh-high socks in green. To accessorize her look, grab the same color wig and signature earrings. Equipping yourself with clog shoes and a katana sword. Green contact lenses are welcome for a more identical look.

Mitsuri Kanroji Cosplay Costume

Mitsuri Kanroji has long pale pink-dyed hair. She colors her hair with neon green and midway for a color change effect that she thinks is one way for her to fit in. She wears a noticeably different demon slayer outfit because of the idea that she wants to have her curvy body be complemented, as this is considered to be an added asset for her. This can be a very creative and fun cosplay for a woman that lets them display their beauty, wit, skills. 

The shirt is not close to the top to show a little bit of cleavage and chest. Pair it with thigh-high socks. For footwear, wear pink-laced clogs or shoes. Have the wig or dyed green and pink hair braided on each side. And have free-flowing and full bangs just covering the forehead. Equip the katana or sword and finish it off with a green cosplay for the eyes.

If you want to complete the Demon Slayer theme for your next cosplay outing, have your friends show up dressed as other demon slayers, Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko, Rengoku, and Shinobu.

mitsuri kanroji cosplay

About Mitsuri Kanroji From Demon Slayer

Mitsuri Kanroji is from the famous Japanese anime story, or Manga called Kinetsu No Yaiba or Demon Slayer. She is depicted as a master of the sword and is unusually strong. She is an asset to the corps as she is very flexible and has enhanced speed. She yields a sword or katana called Love Sword, which is her unique weapon as a part of the Pillar of the corps. With the Love sword, she can harness her natural abilities and continue to be an excellent addition to the Organization (Demon Slayer Corps) alongside the other pillars seen in the series. 

Growing up, she was believed to be weird and a freak as she eats a lot and is very strong even at a young age. She joins the corps as she believes that she cannot find a man to marry. And she believes that when she joins, she will be able to find a man to marry that is strong and can protect her.

Mitsuri Kanroji Makeup Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Mitsuri Kanroji?

1. “I shall do whatever it is you wish, master!”

2. “Leave it to me. I’ll protect everyone. I’ll do something about this!”

3. “Muichiro-kun, you really are a man. So cool.” 

4. “Now all that good energy I got from coming out of the spring is completely gone!”

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