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The Miss Argentina costume is a bold choice for anyone who likes the comedy horror, Beetlejuice. Miss Argentina, also known as The Receptionist, is one of the characters in the film. 

She sits behind the front desk of the waiting area found in the afterlife known as the Netherworld. The characters Barbara and Adam are sent there to learn about their new life as they are recently deceased. 

Miss Argentina seems easily bored and isn’t very interested in her job. She seems to fit the dreary and dark mood of the rest of the waiting room. 

Even though she is only a minor character, her appearance made her a memorable one for fans of the movie. 

If you want to dress like Miss Argentina, we will show you how. Below, we have put together a guide for your new Miss Argentina costume.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red Satin Dress
  2. Red Sequin Cloak
  3. Green Pantyhose
  4. Red Wig
  5. Miss Argentina Sash
  6. Purple Eyeshadow Palette
  7. Red Hairpiece
  8. Green Face and Body Paint
  9. Red Pumps

DIY Miss Argentina Costume Guide

Begin your costume by wearing a red strapless dress, just like the beauty queen might. To match the dress, you’ll need to put on some red heels. 

Drape a red sequin cloak along your shoulders to get that vampire look. To show who you are, you can get a beauty queen sash either labeled as Miss Argentina.

She has a teal, greenish skin tone that you can replicate using body paint and wearing green pantyhose. She’s also got a full head of red hair that you can replicate by wearing a red updo wig with a red hairpiece.

Make the costume stand out by carrying the Handbook for the Recently Deceased that is seen in the movie. You can add a special touch by putting blood on your wrists to mimic the slit on her arms. 

Of course, don’t forget to use a purple eyeshadow palette to complete your own Miss Argentina costume.

Miss Argentina Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Miss Argentina Cosplay Costume

Miss Argentina’s costume is a popular one for Halloween. This is because it has all the hallmarks of a classic Halloween costume

It is a vibrant and contrasting look, with greens and red being the main colors. It makes a good costume for anyone who likes to stand out. 

To make your Miss Argentina costume even more memorable, you can choose to dress up with friends in other outfits from the movie Beetlejuice, like Adam Maitland, Barbara Maitland, Lydia Deetz, and even Beetlejuice.

Miss Argentina Costume

About Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice

Miss Argentina is a minor character in the horror comedy, Beetlejuice. She is the receptionist in the lobby of the Netherworld, which is where characters who have recently died end up

Miss Argentina is often seen sitting behind the desk at her job but does not seem very interested in it at all. Instead, she often seems bored and aloof. 

Viewers can see that this ex-beauty queen died by suicide with slits on her wrists and was sent to the netherworld as punishment. 

Overall, the character of Miss Argentina doesn’t have that big of a role, but she still made a memorable impression on fans of the movie. 

What is the most famous quote from Miss Argentina?

1. “It’s all very personal. I’ll tell you something.”

2. “If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have had my little accident. “

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