Midari Ikishima: A Persistent And Overbearing Troublemaker

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Searching for Midari Ikishima cosplay certainly qualifies your hunt for something different. Certain characters just grab your attention for their unique attitudes, after all. This intense and impressive character is a supporting character in Kakegurui, a series. While she is not the main character, she’s one that gets a lot of interest because she is…

You’ll Need:

  1. Purple Wig With Cap
  2. Ikishima Midari Costume
  3. Foam Gun
  4. White Wrap Bandage
  5. Soft Opaque Knee High Socks
  6. Cosplay Eyepatch
  7. Uniform Dress Shoes

DIY Midari Ikishima Cosplay Guide

There’s a lot of power in the costume and personality of Midari Ikishima. She is an opinionated girl that works hard to look the part of normal. But her brain and personality are neither.

This second-year student is best known for her unique version of the school’s uniform. This consists of brown loafer shoes and black knee socks. They blend with a pleated mini skirt, a red and trimmed sweater vest, and the classic button-up blouse. Don’t forget her arm bandages and eye patch, of course, which help show the darker side of her character. Her purple hair tie is going to be a good idea to pull it all together, too.

Midari Ikishima Cosplay Costume

She does dress like other students at the Hyakkaou Private Academy. Even in this, though, she does it differently. She blends together the facets of the uniform that other students don’t. Instead of hiding her bandaged arms, she rolls up her sleeves to show them off. The most uniform part about her is the knee sock and loafer combination.

For those that really want to pull this character off, you’ll need to plan for the piercings on her ears, under her mouth, and on her tongue. You’ll also want to find a black wig with a long fringe and the hair ribbon to pull it together. Lately, the eye patch. You’ll need to have that combined with her visibly tiny pupil to make this character look as crazy as she is depicted!

Midari Ikishima Cosplay

About Midari Ikishima From Kakegurui

When hunting for a character that is all about intrigue and darkness, this is the one to really help you explore those riskier parts. This character is thought to be suicidal, but in a way that brings many people down with her. She is dangerous, prone to risk-taking, and often will take big risks even when other people’s health and safety are at risk.

Suppose you could put it all together in a package. In that case, Midari Ikishima cosplay is all about being as evil as possible. This character looks young and has all these features that make her seem like nothing more than a schoolgirl with a bad streak. But, her tendencies go much further. You see this through acts like stabbing her eye out for a bet. Or gambling without worrying about whether she has the money if she loses.

Midari Ikishima Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Midari Ikishima ?

1. “I correct and beautify the garbage in the school. That’s the role of the school clean-up organization.”

2. “You are in the way.”

3. “Is all this idol thing you are doing, just to make excuses for not having enough talent?” 

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