Mera: Atlantis’ Guardian

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The Mera costume has risen in popularity ever since the release of the movie Aquaman in 2018. Mera is played by actress Amber Heard and is one of the many characters in the DC Comics Aquaman franchise. Mera lives in a city in an underwater dimension, taking up residence in the lost city of Atlantis.…

You’ll Need:

  1. Mera Costume
  2. Red Long Wavy Wig
  3. Mera Tiara
  4. 3-Pronged Trident
  5. Green Glitter High Heel Boots

DIY Mera Costume Guide

Many people are fond of the character of Mera. She is strong-willed and tough, never shying away from difficult decisions or challenges. Mera is determined to do anything she has to save the people in her home city. This means she is always ready to fight if need be. Mera is quite powerful and has no qualms about using those powers to make her a stronger fighter both in the sea and on land. This makes her a difficult opponent.

If you want to dress like Mera, you’re in luck. This guide will show you what pieces you will need to pull the Mera costume together.

Mera Cosplay Costume

Mera is a tough and determined character that faces challenges and fights head-on. She is dedicated to protecting the people of her home city at any cost, and it shows with her strong-willed actions. If you are inspired by Mera’s tough character, you can wear your own Mera costume.

Mera primarily wears her superhero-style wetsuit. It is green and shimmery. Because it has such a specific look, you will likely want to purchase her body suit. You could also buy a green body suit and decorate it to fit her appearance. Once you have secured the body suit, you will need a long red wig. Preferable, the wig should be wavy, especially at the ends. Mera wears a gold headband in her hair, so you will need to find a similar one. There are gold-tone headbands made to look just like hers. Finally, you will need a trident to pull the look together.

Invite your friend to dress like Aquaman and jump into battle with you. Keep the Aquaman theme at Halloween, and you will stand out with this iconic look.

mera costume

About Mera from Aquaman

Mera is the main character in the movie Mera. She is a part of the Aquaman franchise in the DC Comics world. Amber Heard plays Mera in the 2018 film. In Mera, she is a woman who was taken into the care of Queen Atlanna as a child. This directly followed Mera’s parents leaving her behind to fight in the wars happening at the time. At home, Mera trains to become her own kind of soldier. She becomes quite strong and eventually becomes the leader of the Atlantean Guard.

Mera Makeup Tutorial| Aquaman| Cosplay and Halloween Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Mera?

1. “You think you’re unworthy to lead because you have two different worlds. That is exactly why you are worthy.”

2. “Atlantis has always had a king. Now it needs something more.”

3. “Last time you fought him on his ground. This time, fight him on yours.”

4. “This was Orm’s doing. Worse is to come.”

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