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The Mathilda costume is taken directly from the movie Leon the Professional. She is one of the main characters in the story and was played by a young Natalie Portman.

Mathilda is a young girl who lives a chaotic and interesting life of crime. She lives with a man named Leon.

Leon is a hitman who feels obligated to look after Mathilda. She is his 12-year-old neighbor. After her whole family is killed, he reluctantly steps in to make sure she is safe.

Mathilda wears simple, casual clothing that doesn’t make her stand out, which is important for her lifestyle. Even so, her clothing cannot be described as boring by any means.

Many people love the character of Mathilda and like to cosplay her. Below, we have outlined a guide on how to make your own Mathilda costume.

You’ll Need:

  1. Green Bomber Jacket
  2. Black Lace Up Camisole
  3. Green Shorts
  4. Round Trendy Sunglasses
  5. Sun Pendant Choker
  6. Black Bob Wig
  7. Black Lace-Up Combat Boots
  8. White Stacked Socks
  9. Burgundy Crochet Beanie
  10. Potted Plants

DIY Mathilda Costume Guide

Mathilda has a punk rock-inspired style that begins with a black halter top. Over the top, she wears a green bomber jacket.

Mathilda matches the green in her jacket with a matching pair of green shorts.

On her feet, she wears a pair of white socks that sometimes peek out above her black combat boots.

Mathilda accessorizes with a black choker necklace that she is always seen wearing. She also sports a red beanie and a pair of round sunglasses.

To get Mathilda’s look perfectly, you also need to mimic her hair. Get a bob-cut brunette wig to accomplish this.

Mathilda Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Mathilda Costume Cosplay

Mathilda is just as famous as her caretaker, Leon, among fans of the movie, Leon the Professional. Their dynamic with one another makes up the bulk of the film, so their relationship is really important.

You can reflect this fact about the movie in your costume by having someone dress up as Leon while you dress as Mathilda.

Due to the casual nature of Mathilda’s clothing, you will find that it is a comfortable costume to wear for a long period of time.

Beyond this, her appearance is subtle enough that you could get away with wearing it as a sneaky daytime cosplay.

Mathilda Costume featured

About Mathilda

Mathilda is one of the main characters alongside Leon in the film Leon the Professional.

Mathilda is a troubled young girl who is left reeling after her family is murdered. Leon, her next-door neighbor, is a hitman who feels bad for her.

Leon reluctantly takes on the role of her caretaker following the murder of her family. This leads Mathilda to get wrapped up in his illegal activities.

Leon and Mathilda’s dynamic is explored heavily throughout the movie and is one that touched many viewers. Therefore, Mathilda’s cosplay is a popular choice for female fans.
Above, we’ve shown you how to dress up in your own Mathilda costume. Follow these steps and get ready to create the costume for your next convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from Mathilda?

1. “I’m right and you’re wrong, I’m big and you’re small, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

2. “Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world”

3. “There is little point in teaching anything backward. The whole object of life, Headmistress, is to go forwards.”