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The Mary Sanderson costume is taken from one of the villains in the classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. She is played by the actress Kathy Najimy. 

Mary Sanderson pairs up with Sarah and Winifred, who are witches like she is, to try and use the life force of the children in the town. They hope to channel this to give themselves beauty for eternity

Though Mary Sanderson is smarter than Sarah, she isn’t as cunning and charismatic as Winifred. Her biggest contribution to the effort is her ability to locate the children by her sense of smell. 

They all use their strengths together to try and trick the children, but in the end, they are unsuccessful.

You’ll Need:

  1. Mary Sanderson Costume
  2. Mary Sanderson Wig
  3. Red Cabochon Dangle Earrings
  4. Red Cape
  5. Black Ankle Boots

DIY Mary Sanderson Costume Guide

To start the Mary Sanderson costume, you will first need to get a Mary Sanderson costume and cover it with a red hood cape to nail her iconic look.

On your lower half, you can walk around in a pair of black ankle boots with a witch style. Accessorize yourself with red cabochon dangle earrings.
Her hair is one of the most eye-catching things about Mary Sanderson’s appearance. So you can get a Mary Sanderson Wig to match her look.

Mary Sanderson Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Mary Sanderson Cosplay Costume

The Mary Sanderson is an excellent choice for anyone who likes flowy, witchy styles. It also takes inspiration from medieval styles, so it’s a fun cosplay for historical lovers. 

This costume is great on its own, but it is even better as a part of a group costume with others. Get two other friends to dress up as Sarah and Winifred to make the most of the Mary Sanderson costume.

Mary Sanderson Costume

About Mary Sanderson

Mary Sanderson is one of the three witches that terrorize the town in Hocus Pocus. Mary, along with Winifred and Sarah, wants to use the life force of the kids in town to achieve eternal beauty. 

She is depicted as the least intelligent of the sisters but the most kind-hearted. Mary is often seen following her sisters’ lead, but she also displays some moments of bravery and ingenuity, such as when she disguises herself as a life-size statue to fool others.

Mary contributes to the cause strangely and uniquely; she is able to smell where children are. The three of them work together to accomplish their goals but ultimately fail.
Her whimsical and quirky personality and her unique fashion sense have made Mary a beloved character in the Halloween movie canon.

What is the most famous quote from Mary Sanderson?

1. “I put a spell on you and now you’re mine.”

2. “It’s the chocolate-covered finger of a man named Clark!” 

3. “We’re young!” 

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