Last-Minute Madonna Costume Idea

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  1. White Corset
  2. Curly Blond Wig
  3. Tutu White Skirt
  4. Stretch Bracelets
  5. White Lace Gloves
  6. Star Earrings
  7. Mini Hearts Patches
  8. Pearl Necklace
  9. White Heels

Easy DIY Madonna Costume Guide

Madonna is an American pop icon and actress who made her name in the 1980s entertainment industry. People know her as the “Queen of Pop.” Her versatility in the music industry made her way to the top. Aside from singing, Madonna is also a songwriter, record producer, and composer. Her song Like a Virgin made it to Billboard’s top 100 for six weeks.

To dress like Madonna, you need a White Corset, Tutu White Skirt with Mini Hearts Patches, White Heels, and Curly Blond Wig to nail her iconic look.  To complete the finishing touches on your look, add Stretch Bracelets, White Lace Gloves, Star Earrings, and Pearl Necklace.

About Madonna

Madonna’s original name is Madonna Louise Ciccone, and she was born to Italian and American parents. She studied dance at a university and dance theater.

Aside from the numerous awards she has received throughout her career, several organizations also listed her as the most successful female recording artist. And a female singer recognized her Confessions Tour as the highest-grossing concert.

Most of her songs are upbeat and talk about sex and relationships. Her attitude and lifestyle made a socio-cultural impact on the public. She was criticized by feminists, religious groups, and family organizations because of her controversial songs and performances. But for some, she is a unique female icon who can create an identity for herself.

People still love the Queen of Pop to this day. Though she might have aged, her popularity has not faded on the music scene, and she continues to top the music charts.

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