Fun and Easy Monkey D. Luffy Cosplay


Dressing up like the most unique pirate you’ve ever heard is going to be a blast with this Luffy cosplay! He is easily one of the most popular manga and anime characters worldwide. Better known as “Straw Hat Luffy”, this popular pirate is dedicated to finding treasure. He also does what he can to help his fellow pirates and those he meets. Follow his lead and find your own way to get to the goals that you want with this one-of-a-kind cosplay costume!

You’ll Need:

  1. Luffy Costume
  2. Straw Hat
  3. Short Black Wig
  4. Luffy Straw Sandals
  5. 3D Muscle T-Shirt
  6. Luffy Face Mask
  7. Scar Wax Kit

DIY Luffy Cosplay Guide

This is a distinctive Luffy cosplay costume to dress up. It contains a rippled red shirt, the yellow sash, the blue cut-offs, and, of course, the distinctive straw hat! Make sure you figure out how you want to add in the X-shaped scar, too!  Those who see your look will know immediately who you are!

When you decide to put on this Luffy costume, you must make sure that you do so knowingly. Be intentional in how you want to represent this focused and slightly insane pirate!

Luffy Cosplay Costume

Luffy’s goal in life is to find the treasure because he wants to be the Pirate King. The title will give him his bounty, of course. But also the most freedom possible in his classic day-to-day life. Straw Hat Luffy wants nothing more than to enjoy a wonderful sense of freedom!

Luffy uses his elasticizing powers to make a unique gun slingshot that allows him to take out many targets at once! Taking on everything from bandits to the government, Straw Hat Luffy isn’t afraid of anything!

When you want to harness that kind of power, do it through the fun focus of hosting a One Piece event where you can see your favorite character in action! It’ll be just the motivation you need to see the value in your costume. You’ll also learn how to act more like him so that you can really pull the character off at your next cosplay event. Perfect for those that want to dedicate time and attention to those small details, right?

This Luffy cosplay costume would make for a great One Piece group cosplay. So grab your friends and have them dress like other characters, Zoro, Nami, Nico Robin, and Vinsmoke Sanji for an iconic group cosplay.

luffy cosplay

About Monkey D. Luffy From One Piece

Luffy is serious and calm when he fights. He is otherwise a very light-hearted guy that isn’t afraid to let loose and joke around with those around him. He is well-loved and is present in quite a few of the One Piece manga chapters as well as the anime that came from them.

He was raised by his foster mother and with siblings that are as rough-edged as him. He is one of those hard-working pirates that doesn’t let a huge bounty on his head stop him. Even one that is issued by the government.

He is courageous, dedicated to his quest as a pirate, and understands the value of camaraderie and friendship. Straw Hat Luffy is going to be one of those rough-around-the-edges characters. He’ll earn your respect in the good, old-fashioned way.

Monkey D. Luffy Make-up Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Luffy?

1. “I Decided To Be Pirate King. I Don’t Care If I Die For It.”

2. “I’m Pretty Sure I Can’t Live Without Being Helped!”

3. “If I Give Up Now, I’m Going To Regret It.”

4. “I Don’t Have To Be A Boss Or A Great Pirate, Do I? Whenever You Guys Are In Trouble, Call Us! We’ll Come Help You No Matter What.”

5. “I Don’t Wanna Conquer Anything. It’s Just That The Person With The Most Freedom On The Sea Is The Pirate King.”

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