Last-Minute Lord Farquaad Costume Idea

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  1. Lord Farquaad Costume
  2. Velvet Hat
  3. Short Black Wig
  4. Captain Boot

Easy DIY Lord Farquaad Costume Guide

Lord Maximus Farquaad is the main antagonist in the 2001 animated film Shrek, with John Lithgow providing the voice for the character. Lord Farquaad is a short and ruthless ruler who will do whatever it takes to achieve his aims. He banished all the fairytale creatures in his land one by one. He is cruel and would torture others like Gingerbread Man.

To dress like Lord Farquaad, you will need a Lord Farquaad costume to nail the iconic look. Then, finish off your look with the Velvet Hat, Short Black Wig, and Captain Boot.

About Lord Farquaad From Shrek 

Farquaad is the oppressive rules of Duloc, capturing fairytale creatures to locate the magic mirror. Hе learns hе can bеcomе a king by marrying a princess through the Magic Mirror. Farquaad chooses Fiona, trapped in a towеr guardеd by a dragon. This is why he sends Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona from her tower. Shrek is booming, but he and Fiona fall in love on the journey back from the tower. The first Shrek movie ends with Lord Farquaad being eaten by the Dragon that used to guard Fiona’s tower. Other Shrek movies also feature him as an antagonist, as a ghost.

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