Last-Mintue Leorio Costume Idea

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  1. Navy Blue Suit
  2. White Business Cotton Down Shirts
  3. Hair Spray
  4. Tea Shade Round Sunglasses
  5. Teal Tie
  6. Black Oxford Shoes

Easy DIY Leorio Outfits Guide

Leorio Paradinight from the Hunter × Hunter series is a rookie hunter and a member of the Zodiacs. His codename is Boar,” and he is currently a medical student studying to become a doctor. He may not have flashy superpowers, but his determination makes him stand out. Moreover, Leorio’s comedic timing is always on point, and he never fails to crack me up. His heart of gold can soften the toughest of facades!

To dress like Leorio, get started by purchasing an entire navy blue suit you feel comfortable in. Next, you need a white business cotton-down shirt. Moving on, procure a simple and neat teal tie. Complement it with a pair of tea-shade round sunglasses. Now, spray with hairspray to mimic his spiky upward hairdo. Finally, get a couple of black Oxford shoes. All that’s left to do is strike one of his signature poses at the Con!

About Leorio From Hunter x Hunter

At first, Leorio was a very selfish narcissist who placed a very high emphasis on material wealth; his insistence was only on money. He believed everything could be bought and that becoming a hunter would fund his medical education. But he is sensitive towards those who do not take him seriously.

His true priorities seem to be his friends and his dream of becoming a great doctor who helps people in need without charging crazy fees.

Leorio is simply a paragon of selflessness and determination. His lack of flashy Nen abilities does not stop him from working hard to improve himself and contribute to the team. His iconic “Punching Through a Mountain” move might not be the most subtle, but it’s a testament to his unwavering spirit.

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