Leeloo: The Final Weapon Against Evil

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Many fans want to emulate Leeloo with their own Leeloo costume. Because Leeloo is one of the most iconic characters in the film The Fifth Element. In this film, Leeloo is a strikingly powerful humanoid with remarkable capabilities. Her superhuman skills and abilities take the form of elemental channeling, superior strength, agility, sharp reflexes, and…

You’ll Need:

  1. Orange Harness Costume
  2. White Bondage Suit
  3. Black Boots
  4. Leeloo Wig
  5. Multipass Replica

DIY Leeloo Costume Guide

A Supreme Being of the universe, she is a force to be reckoned with. She is one that is next to impossible to best in hand-to-hand combat. With her at one’s side, even tackling the biggest foes seems like nothing. It’s no wonder that cosplayers of all ages want to embody this powerful character.

To look like Leeloo, you’ll need one of her two classic outfits. One is the whole set of the orange harness Leeloo costume. The other is a white bondage suit. Some crucial accessories are important. You’ll need an orange short bobbed wig, black boots, and a multipass replica to pull together the look.

Leeloo Cosplay Costume

When putting together your Leeloo costume, there is one piece that stands out above all: her vibrant orange harness.  As for the base of her outfit, the first thing you want to seek out is a pair of shiny gold leggings and a white cropped short sleeve t-shirt to wear beneath the harness. 

Leeloo’s matching vivid orange hair is as iconic as her harness. So be sure you find a short bobbed wig that either comes with bangs already or that you cut bangs into. Carry the look down to her feet by finding a pair of combat boots that rise up past the ankles for that tactical look. You also can get a multipass replica and you can flash if anyone questions you.

leeloo costume

About Leeloo From The Fifth Element

Leeloo is a character in the movie The Fifth Element played by Milla Jovovich. This film begins its story in the year 1914 during an invasion of aliens who show up in Egypt to collect four elemental stones as well as the sarcophagus that holds inside of it the human form of the fifth element. When used together, these five elements combine to create a living weapon that is capable of fighting off the Great Evil that attacks the universe once a year. 

Decades later, scientists on Earth use DNA from the right arm of the Supreme Being to create a new vessel for it, which turns out to be Leeloo. She bursts free from the science lab and ends up working with Bruce Willis’ character, a special forces cab driver. Together, they try to hunt down the rest of the elements in time for the arrival of the Great Evil to take it down once and for all.

Leeloo MakeUp Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Leeloo?

1. “Everything you create, you use to destroy.”

2. “What’s the use in saving life when you see what you do with it?”

3. “I do not know love. I was trained to protect, not to love.”

4. “Fire burns, wind blows, rain falls…”

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