Lavagirl: The Fiery Pink Heroine

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Have you ever wanted to dress up in a Lavagirl costume? Now’s your chance! Fans of the 2005 movie The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl or the more recent Netflix movie We Can Be Heroes will surely remember the superheroine Lavagirl. She is made of lava. And she has a powerful, fiery appearance as her…

You’ll Need:

  1. Pink Body Suit
  2. Pink Live Vest
  3. Curly Wavy Pink Wig
  4. Pink Boots
  5. Armguard
  6. Washable Tempera Paint

DIY Lavagirl Costume Guide

The most defining feature of the Lavagirl costume is the bright pink hair. Her hair is complemented by her suit (pink from top to bottom, of course!) with lava accents throughout her torso and legs.

To dress up as Lavagirl, you will need the following: a Curly Wavy Pink Wig, Pink Body Suit, Pink Live Vest, Pink Boots, and Armguard. You will also need Washable Tempera Paint for the lava accents to complete the fiery effect.

Lavagirl Cosplay Costume

Lavagirl’s iconic feature is her bright pink hair. You could find a pink wig, the safer and easier option. You are making sure that your pink wig is long and wavy as well. Or you could choose to dye your hair the same bright pink as Lavagirl’s hair. You can use a curling iron and hairspray to match her waves.

For the base of her suit, you’ll need a bright pink bodysuit or a pink long-sleeved top and pink pants. It would be better if this were the same color as your wig. Lavagirl’s hair matches the base of her suit. Lavagirl has protection around her torso and her arms. You’ll need a pink vest and pink armguards (for both arms). You’ll also need pink boots to wear on your feet.

No Lavagirl costume is complete without the lava adorning her outfit. To achieve this look, you’ll need red and yellow paint (and orange too, if you want). Paint streaks of lava over the vest, the belt, and the pants, matching the pattern on Lavagirl’s suit.

Whether you partner up with a Sharkboy or go alone, dressing up as Lavagirl is a bold choice that is bound to catch people’s attention.

lavagirl costume

About Lavagirl from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

Lavagirl is a teenage girl created by Max to be his imaginary friend. She goes on adventures with Max and her partner, Sharkboy. Of the three, Lavagirl is perhaps the kindest. That is until her temper (and her powers) flares up. Lavagirl lives on Planet Drool, in an area with many volcanoes. In We Can Be Heroes, set many years after The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, it is revealed that Lavagirl has married Sharkboy. Together, they have a daughter named Gupp.

Lavagirl Makeup Tutorial | Best Lavagirl Costume Guide

What is the most famous quote from Lavagirl?

1. “Everything that is or was began with a dream.”

2. “He’s having a nightmare! Wake up, Max!”

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