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The Launch cosplay is a vibrant and interesting choice for fans of the anime, Dragon Ball Z. She is a minor character in the show.

There is not much known about Launch. What stands out about her is that every time she sneezes, her hair color and personality change.

Originally, she is a sweet and kind person with blue hair. When her personality changes, she turns into an angrier version of herself who is quite violent and has blonde hair instead.

You’ll Need:

  1. Cami Crop Top
  2. Yellow Long Curly Wig
  3. Chino Short
  4. Red Gloves
  5. Red Hairband
  6. Geen Slouch Socks
  7. Red Belt
  8. Red Sneakers
  9. Gun Prop
  10. Yellow Shoelaces

DIY Launch Cosplay Guide

You can dress like the evil alter-ego of Launch by following our Launch cosplay guide below.

The first thing you will need is a vibrant lime green cropped tank top. Pair it with some chino shorts.

Around your waist, you can contrast the bright colors with a cherry red belt. Tie a red kerchief around your head to match it.

She wears a pair of green socks that are slightly brighter than her shirt. She also wears a pair of red sneakers with yellow shoelaces that you will need to get your hands on.

Equip yourself with a pair of red fingerless gloves and a prop gun.

Last but not least, you will need the wig that will show you the “evil” version of Launch. Make sure it is long, curly, and yellow-blonde.

Launch Vs. Bora| Dragon Ball Z | Halloween Costume Ideas

Launch Cosplay Costume

This Launch cosplay is interesting because you can technically turn it into two costumes at once. If you carry a blonde wig and a blue wig with you, you can change the wigs halfway through the night and go as her other personality.

Invite your friends to dress up like Goku, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Android 17, and Krillin, and go to the party with you. The Launch cosplay works well as part of a group cosplay with other characters from the Dragon Ball Z franchise.

Launch cosplay

About Launch

Launch is a mysterious character who has a strange disorder. Each time she sneezes, her appearance and personality completely change.

When she is her usual self, she has blue hair and a kind heart. When she changes her personality, she instead becomes violent and angry and has blonde hair.

If you love the unstable nature of this character, you will love dressing as her. In the article above, we’ve offered some tips on creating your own Launch cosplay.

What is the most famous quote from Launch?

1. “Okay, boys, whose bright idea was this? Wanna dress me like a doll? Well then, please don’t forget… THE ACCESSORY MACHINE GUN!”

2. “You see… my other half comes up when I sneeze, and she doesn’t like big-headed boys…”

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