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An L costume is sure to become a blast among millennial cosplayers who had the fortune of experiencing Death Note.

L Lawliet is one of the main characters from the Death Note series. He is a world-famous detective who takes up the greatest challenges the Criminal World has to offer.

His most notable case was that of catching the mass murderer, Kira. During this investigation, he became highly suspicious of Light Yagami and determined to prove that he was Kira. 

L is a quite secretive character at first, only communicating via his assistant, Watari. He had never publicly shown his face to the world and preferred to represent himself with the letter “L”.

His simple attire and messy appearance lead many to doubt his skills, but he is almost inhumanly intelligent and possesses near-infinite powers of deduction.

You’ll Need:

  1. Long Sleeve White Shirt
  2. Black Wig
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Black Eyeshadow

DIY L Death Note Costume Guide

L became instantly popular thanks to his iconic look and incredible smarts, beloved by fans worldwide.

This plain and simple ensemble makes you question his wardrobe, but clearly, he has greater priorities in mind.

Start off with a White Long-Sleeve Shirt, plain and spotless. Follow up with a pair of Loose-fit Blue Jeans that fall lazily over your feet.

Get an L Death Note Wig, which is black, messy, and spiky. Next, you’ll need some Black Eyeshadow to mimic his insomniac eye shadows.

Finally, take some Sweets with you or utilize a prop of a sweet. Our suggestion is a Slice of Strawberry Cheesecake!

L Death Note Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

L Death Note Cosplay Costume

Over time, L has become something of a detective icon. His odd manner of clothing and insomniac eyes are easily recognizable, even by people who haven’t watched or read Death Note.

This is especially true if you love simple and comfy cosplays made from everyday items of clothing.

Isn’t it a good idea to attempt a Death Note group cosplay this Halloween to enhance the fun? Grab your friends and get them to dress up as Light Yagami, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Near, and Mello to stand out as the unforgettable group!

L Death Note Costume

About L From Death Note

Despite his disheveled and languid appearance, L is insanely smart, critical, meticulous, and analytical. He excels at deceiving his opponents and is more than ready to take drastic measures.

He employs both bold and bizarre tactics on occasion to reach his targets. He also has a dry sense of humor, and he tends to make plenty of sarcastic remarks.

L expertly uses subterfuge, misinformation, disinformation, and analytical knowledge of human nature to lure suspects into a false sense of security. This makes him every criminal’s biggest nightmare indeed.

What is the most famous quote from L Death Note?

1. “No matter what kind of genius you are, you can’t change the world alone. It is not us that can change the world. All that we can do is lend a hand.”

2. “There’s no doubt that people are idiots. But people are also organisms capable of change. If all the children with a sense of righteousness were able to sincerely hold onto their pure hearts, don’t you think that the world would begin to change?”

3. “Well…I’m childish and hate to lose too…that’s why I understand him.”

4. “Childish people who hate to lose are the ones who really get results.”

5. “It’s true. The fact that I showed my face, and that 12 FBI agents lost their lives prove that I lose. But, I will win in the end.”

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