Kevin McCallister: The Brilliant Trickster Child


Anyone who has seen the famous Home Alone movies is sure to love dressing in a Kevin McCallister costume. Kevin McCallister is a young boy who is accidentally left at home while his family goes on an international trip. They realize too late that they have forgotten him. By the time it takes the family to get back home, he has been on his own for quite some time. During this time, he had to try and stay safe while home alone in his house. A pair of burglars try to take advantage of what they perceive to be the empty home and attempt to rob it. Instead of hiding, Kevin McCallister thwarts their plans.

You’ll Need:

  1. Burgundy Sweater
  2. Orange Long Sleeve Shirt
  3. Cargo Pant
  4. Gun Toy
  5. Red Hair Dryer
  6. Brown Boots
  7. Home Alone Mask

DIY Kevin McCallister Costume Guide

Throughout the Home Alone, he is constantly devising and setting traps to trip burglars up. Using all kinds of tools and items found around the house, Kevin McCallister manages to stop the burglars. It is clear that Kevin McCallister is not afraid of the criminals but instead finds the situation amusing. This is due to his lovable and mischievous personality. 

To dress like Kevin McCallister, you will need Burgundy Sweater, Orange Long Sleeve Shirt, Cargo Pant, Gun Toy, Red Hair Dryer, Brown Boots, and Home Alone Mask.

Kevin McCallister Cosplay Costume

Even if you plan to go out to Halloween parties instead of staying home alone, you can dress like Kevin McCallister.

Kevin is comfortable at home, so his clothing is quite casual. You may be able to find some of the pieces of his outfit in your home already. This includes a red knit sweater that Kevin wears over his orange shirt. He wears a pair of olive-colored pants that are loose-fitting and allow him to move easily to evade the criminals. The cuffs of the pants are rolled up. To get the details of the costume right, you should do that, too. He wears a pair of durable brown boots with laces below the pants. 

Finally, you can collect some of the items that he uses for weapons and traps. These include a red hairdryer and a toy rifle. Once you have compiled all of these pieces together, you are ready to dress like Kevin McCallister.

kevin mccallister costume

About Kevin McCallister from Home Alone

Kevin McCallister is a child who, by mistake, gets left behind by his family when they go on vacation. While he is home alone, two criminals try to take the opportunity to rob his house. They believe that it is empty, but Kevin is, in fact, Home Alone. Instead of being afraid of them, he uses this opportunity to be mischievous in his own way. Kevin spends the duration of the movie setting traps for the burglars to run into. 

Kevin McCallister is a brave character that does not run and hide when his house is under attack. His antics make him a popular and well-known character that is fun to cosplay. If you want to dress in your own Kevin McCallister costume, we’re here to help. Above, we have put together a list of the items you will need to complete the outfit. It is perfect for movie conventions and Halloween parties alike.

Kevin McCallister Scene from Home Alone (1990)

What is the most famous quote from Kevin McCallister from Home Alone?

1. “Did I burn down the joint? I don’t think so. I was making ornaments out of fishhooks.”

2. “Guys, I’m eating junk and watching rubbish! You better come out and stop me!”

3. “This is ridiculous. Only a wimp would be hiding under a bed. And I can’t be a wimp. I’m the man of the house.”

4. “This is it. Don’t get scared now.”

5. “You guys give up? Or are you thirsty for more?”