Last-Minute Keqing Costume Idea

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  1. Keqing Full Costume
  2. Keqing Purple Wig
  3. Keqing Cosplay Shoes
  4. Keqing Cospaly Earrings
  5. Purple Cosplay Sword

Easy DIY Keqing Costume Guide

Keqing is sure to be an electrifying hit among modern-day gamers who spend time playing Genshin Impact. Keqing is one of the core characters we meet in the Liyue region in Teyvat. She has been a playable character since Version 1.0 and has been a consistent “Pity Ruiner” for many players till now. As a playable unit, she is a sword wielder blessed with an electro-vision. When not engaged in battle, she works as the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, being both headstrong and diligent.

To dress like Keqing, wear a full Keqing costume and Keqing cosplay shoes. Wear a Keqing cosplay wig, Keqing cosplay earrings, and a sword prop to carry beside you.

About Keqing From Genshin Impact

Keqing is a lady who seeks her answers, choosing to do everything herself instead of letting chaos run amok in her home region. As such, she has chosen her path, considering her powers and abilities. As the distinguished Yuheng of the Qixing, Keqing is an incurable workaholic constantly subjected to pressure from a young age. As such, she hardly ever takes a break or holiday from work. Her perfectionism about work has led many of their employees to resign, but the reality is that she has a strong sense of responsibility and tenacity. She prefers shopping or spending time with her closest friends when she takes time off.

Keqing has quite a skeptical worldview when it comes to the gods; she is not someone who is okay with letting the gods determine her fate. She started to respect Rex Lapis more after he passed on his workload, realizing how much he had handled himself proficiently.

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