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The Keebler Elf represents the Keebler Food Company, an American cookie and cracker manufacturer.

The cute Elf is most famous for ad campaigns for its fudge-filled cookies, E.L. Fudge, and Fudge Stripes.  

He works at a bakery called Hollow Tree Factory under his original name, Ernest J. “Ernie” Keebler. His appearances in the company’s commercials date back to the 1980s.

You’ll Need:

  1. Red Vest
  2. Green Blazer
  3. White Wig
  4. Yellow Pants
  5. Red Beanie
  6. White Dress Shirt
  7. Red Socks
  8. Yellow Tie
  9. Elf Ears
  10. Brown Shoes

DIY Keebler Elf Costume Guide

The quirky Keebler Elf look will be a great choice for the next Halloween party if you want something cool yet fun. The bright colors of his attire make him look so lively.

You can begin by wearing a simple button-down shirt underneath a red vest and green blazer.

For the bottom, you will need yellow pants, red socks, and brown shoes. You also can add a yellow necktie to match your look.

Put on a white wig and a pair of elf ears to make the Elf like look more convincing.  

After that, put on a red elf hat or beanie as a finishing touch.

Keebler Elf Cosplay Costume

The adorable Keebler Elf is one of the most recognizable characters in the commercial industry. People who have seen his advertisements remember him because of his eye-catching color palette!  

His funky costume is made up of red, green, and yellow colors. His yellow tie and a white button-down shirt are just a few components of this funky costume you can easily find at home.

Keebler Elf Costume

About Keebler Elf

Keebler Elf is a popular member of the Keebler Company, which manufactures cookies and crackers. Since 1853, Keebler has produced numerous baked snacks advertised by the Keebler Elves.  

The Keebler Elves, led by Ernest J ‘Ernie’ Keebler, are the most recognized characters from commercials. Throughout the years, the elves have appeared in countless television ads, baking their unique products.

Ernie is the head elf and the friendliest. In commercials, the Keebler tree logo often turns into the elves’ tree.   

The Keebler Elf cartoons promote products made by the Keebler Company. Ernie is the leader of a group of elves. Many commercials have featured these elves baking their goodies.

Keebler Elf Fudge Commercial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Keebler Elf?

1. “Uncommonly Good”

2. “A little elfin magic goes a long way”

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