Kat Hernandez: A Confident and Badass High Schooler

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Wanting to cosplay or dress like Kat Euphoria outfits is great for style inspiration. Read on to see how to dress like Kat from Euphoria! Kat Hernandez is a popular character in the Euphoria series. She has appeared in several episodes of the show’s first two seasons. She was once self-conscious and shy but later…

You’ll Need:

  1. Lace-Up Corset Belt
  2. White Printed T-shirts
  3. Plaid Skirt
  4. Fishnet Stocking
  5. Lace-Up Black Boots
  6. Black Kitty Choker Necklace

DIY Kat Euphoria Outfits Guide

Kat has many outfits throughout the series. In this article, we will be looking at what is perhaps the most iconic of Kat Euphoria outfits. To dress in this iconic Kat Euphoria outfit, you will need the following: a short chin-length black wig, some makeup, a black choker, a white printed t-shirt, a lace-up corset belt, and a red plaid skirt, fishnet stockings, and black combat boots.

Kat Hernandez Cosplay Costume

Kat has a short chin-length bob; if you don’t already have this hairstyle or aren’t willing to style your actual hair in this way, you’ll need a black chin-length wig to match her hairstyle on the show. Kat wears a lot of makeup. So, you’ll need some dark eyeshadow and lots of black eyeliner. Be sure to use bright red lipstick.

For the costume, you’ll need a white printed t-shirt. The design isn’t really that important, but you can opt to use a faded band t-shirt to match Kat’s outfit. Tuck this shirt into a red plaid skirt. After you’re done with that, layer a black tie-up bustier on top of your shirt. You will need black fishnet stockings and black combat boots for the bottom. Add a black choker with you to complete the most iconic look of the Kat.

kat euphoria outfits

About Kat Hernandez from Euphoria

Kat Hernandez is one of the most interesting characters in the Euphoria series. When she was in the 6th grade, she had a relationship with Daniel Dimarco. This ended, however, after she went on vacation to Jamaica and came back 20 pounds heavier. She spent much of her adolescence struggling with body-image issues and coping with it by writing explicit fanfiction on Tumblr. When she is a teenager, a sexual video of her is released, and she becomes a dominatrix. This allows her to become more confident and outspoken. In the show’s second season, she gives up being a dominatrix and tones down her style a bit.

Kat Hernandez New Look | Euphoria |Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Kat Hernandez from Euphoria?

1. “There is nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn’t give a f—k.”

2. “I spent my whole life afraid people were going to find out that I was fat.”

3. “I guess I just wanted to hurt you as much as I imagined you do hurt me.”

4. “I just had, like, this reaction, and I just, like, hated you.”

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