Jon Snow: The Beloved King of the North

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Dress up like the King of the North with this Jon Snow costume. Game of Thrones is famous for its strong characters, many of which are so despicable and unlikeable that people love to hate them. Jon Snow is not one of them. In fact, he is one of the most beloved characters on the…

You’ll Need:

  1. Jon Snow Costume
  2. Gothic Pants
  3. Jon Snow Boots
  4. Jon Snow Wig
  5. Medieval Sword
  6. Leather Gloves

DIY Jon Snow Costume Guide

Jon Snow is one of the characters that is easiest to recognize, even by those who don’t watch the show. This is due to his curly hair, long coat, and fur-lining. 

Recreating the look of Jon Snow is simple. You will need the Jon Snow costume which is including the cape, underwear, vest, and belt. Then, gothic pants, black boots, leather gloves, and Jon Snow wig are essential. Finally, equip yourself with a medieval sword. Once you get all of these items together, you can complete the look.

Jon Snow Cosplay Costume

Jon Snow joins the Night Watch in order to flee his status. While serving as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, he is killed after a betrayal by his own people. Later on, he is revived and reclaims his original status, making him a truly legendary character on the show. 

Perhaps his most iconic feature is the long black cloak that he wears as well as the fur shawl on top of it. These are the most important pieces of cosplay, so spend time looking for good quality items. He wears all black, so you’ll need to make sure your pieces are also black. In order to complete the look, you’ll need to find some black gloves to wear. You will also need to find boots that have a medieval look to them. 

When it comes to accessories, you’ll want to find a medieval-style belt as well as a toy sword to wear in it. And now, you can create your own Jon Snow costume.

jon snow costume

About Jon Snow From Game of Thrones

Jon Snow is one of the most popular characters on Game of Thrones and is rather universally beloved. He is often described as a lone wolf type who prefers to go his own way and do things how he pleases. His story is something of a mystery due to the fact that he is an outsider. 

Whereas most mysterious types come off as chilly, Jon is actually quite warm and friendly. He is especially kind to his little sister, Arya. Of course, he is not free from his mistakes, but he honorably learns and grows from them as the show goes on.

Jon Snow Game Of Thrones Makeup Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Jon Snow?

1. “They Were The Shields That Guarded The Realms Of Men.”

2. “My Watch Has Ended.”

3. “We’re Children Playing At A Game, Screaming That The Rules Aren’t Fair.”

4. “Not Just The Boys. We Can’t Defend The North If Only Half The Population Is Fighting.”

5. “You’ll Be Ruling Over A Graveyard If We Don’t Defeat The Night King.”

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