Joe Goldberg Costume


The Joe Goldberg costume is quite subtle. A character in the psychological thriller “You,” Joe Goldberg is a charming but dangerous man played by Penn Badgley.

He is obsessed with a love interest and tends to go to extreme measures to get himself into the lives of those he is fixated on. Over time, his obsessions only seem to get worse. He comes off as even more erratic and dangerous to be around.

You’ll Need:

  1. Jean Jacket
  2. White T-Shirts
  3. Light Blue Long-Sleeve Shirt
  4. Navy Slim-Fit Pants
  5. Grey Cap
  6. Leather Belt
  7. Black Backpack
  8. Brown Boot

DIY Joe Goldberg Costume Guide

Joe Goldberg is quite unsuspecting in the show. He does not dress like the typical bad guy. He wears no elaborate costume and doesn’t even dress sharply in suits.

Instead, he dresses like an average guy, making him even more unsettling. Below, we will show you how to piece together your own Joe Goldberg costume.

To start, you will need to begin with a light blue button-down shirt. Beneath the shirt, he wears a white tee shirt.

Over the shirt, he wears a dark blue denim jacket. He also wears a faded light gray denim baseball cap to match.

Joe Goldberg is often seen in slacks, and to suit this particular version of his outfit, you will need a pair of navy slacks. To finish off the apparel, you should have a dark brown belt.

Finally, he wears a pair of dark brown boots. Carry a black backpack with you to pull it all together.

Joe Goldberg Best Disguises In You |Halloween Costume Ideas

Joe Goldberg Cosplay Costume

Joe Goldberg is a former bookstore manager turned stalker and a serial killer after meeting a woman at his job. He ends up moving to Los Angeles to get away from the things he has done in his past.

While he is there, he meets a new love interest. He returns to his old habits to try and get into her life.

The way that Joe Goldberg dresses is quite unsuspecting. He wears casual clothing that could be in anyone’s closet, making his character even more unsettling.

To dress like Joe Goldberg, you will need Jean Jacket, White T-Shirts, Light Blue Long-Sleeve Shirt, Navy Slim-Fit Pants, Brown boots, Grey Cap, Leather Belt, and Black Backpack.

Joe Goldberg costume

About Joe Goldberg from You

Joe Goldberg is one of the main characters in “You,” a psychological thriller TV series. In “You,” Penn Badgley plays a man who is easily obsessed with anyone he gets infatuated with.

The result is a rather violent fixation on a subject as he tries to work his way into their lives. He begins the show as a manager at a bookstore, where he meets a woman who becomes the target of his obsession.

After becoming a stalker and serial killer, he moves away from New York to escape his past.

Once there, he meets another woman and reverts to his old ways, trying to get close to her as the dangerous person he is.

What is the most famous quote from Joe Goldberg?

1. “Unremarkable people don’t worry about being unremarkable.”

2. “You know, the first step to fixing something is to know no matter how destroyed it seems, it can always be saved.”

3. “I guess marriage isn’t built for secrets.”

4. “But real evil has to be dealt with and you don’t do that by letting it live to take good people down.”

5. “This guy is everything wrong with America.”