Joe Dirt: Kind and Loveable Redneck

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Released in 2001, Joe Dirt is a comedy that depicts the life of Joe Dirt. It explores the kinds of things people do to stay ahead in life once dealt a bad hand, making it heartwarming and charming. Many fans of the moive like to dress in a Joe Dirt costume. The character Joe Dirt…

You’ll Need:

  1. Sleeveless Plaid Shirt
  2. Long Rock Star Style Wig
  3. Relaxed Fit Jean
  4. Reebok Shoes
  5. Black Leather Cuff Watch
  6. Heavy Duty Mop

DIY Joe Dirt Costume Guide

Throughout the movie, viewers get to see that Joe Dirt is far more than his redneck appearance would suggest. Even so, his appearance makes him such an iconic and easily recognizable character. If you want to create a Joe Dirt costume, the process is simple. Below, we offer a quick guide to help you put the ensemble together.

Start with Long Rock Star Style Wig, Sleeveless Plaid Shirt, and Relaxed Fit Jean. Then, add necessary items like Reebok Shoes, Black Leather Cuff Watch, and Heavy Duty Mop to finish his iconic look.

Joe Dirt Cosplay Costume

Perhaps the most instantly recognizable thing about Joe Dirt is his mullet. You will need to find a wig that is already cut into a mullet style. You could also find a sandy blonde wig and cut and style it yourself. He also has very prominent sideburns. You can recreate these sideburns using brown face paint along with your temples and near your ears. 

After securing the wig, you can work on his clothing. Joe Dirt wears a lot of plaids. To look at the part, you will need a sleeveless orange plaid shirt to begin. He wears regular blue denim acid wash jeans that you may already have in your closet. If not, they are easy to find. Finish off the core part of the outfit by donning white sneakers. 

Joe Dirt wears a black watch that should be easy to find. He also carries a wooden mop, which symbolizes his career as a janitor. Carrying a mop will make it more than obvious who you are supposed to be.

joe dirt costume

About Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt looks and sounds just like any stereotypical redneck. He has a prominent mullet, perhaps his most iconic physical attribute, and wears an old sleeveless flannel shirt. Paired with his simple pair of jeans, he dresses simply and humbly. Though looking at him might lead viewers to think that he has a certain personality type, viewers soon learn that there is more to Joe Dirt than what meets the eye. He has a big heart and a kind personality. After other characters in the movie realize what a good guy he is despite his appearance, they all chip in to help him on his journey to find his parents.

Joe Dirt Scene | Best Joe Dirt Costume Idea

What is the most famous quote from Joe Dirt?

1. “Life’s a garden, dig it.

2. “My name is Joe Dirt, I added an e to the end, cause it sounds cool.”

3. “When bad pets go bad, dang.”

4. “D“You can’t have “no” in your heart. “No” is not an option, brother.”

5. “If my calculations are correct, this will create ice… oh no, killer mustard gas!”

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