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If you’re a blonde, broody, trouble-making teen who doesn’t have a costume idea for your next costume party, then the JJ Maybank costume is for you! This straightforward costume will catch any real Outer Banks fans’ attention. JJ’s style is calm and relaxed, but he is very blunt and often acts without thinking about the…

You’ll Need:

  1. Packable Rain Jacket
  2. Khaki Pants
  3. Arrowhead Pendant Cord Necklace
  4. Aviator Sunglasses

DIY JJ Maybank Costume Guide

Even though he’s an exceptional character, JJ’s look is effortless to achieve.

He’s often seen wearing clothes you can easily find in your closets, like simple t-shirts and pants. There’s no need to break the bank to get this look.

He doesn’t wear anything extraordinary and accessorizes minimally. His clothes are very fitting for the show’s setting, which is always close to bodies of water.

They are always running around on dangerous adventures, so his clothes also have a practical side.

To dress like JJ Maybank, you will need a Packable Rain Jacket, Arrowhead Pendant Cord Necklace, Khaki Pants, and Aviator Sunglasses. Putting all these items together, you can recreate your own JJ Maybank costume.

JJ’s Best Moments| Outer Banks |Halloween Costume Ideas

JJ Maybank Cosplay Costume

JJ has various outfits you can choose from to copy for your next party.

This costume is very laidback and uncomplicated, and most of the items he wears are easy to find. His hair is always unkempt, so there’s no need to style your hair.

His hair is always unkempt, so there’s no need to style your hair. The Outer Banks character usually wears casual everyday clothes partnered with simple accessories like necklaces, boho bead bracelets, and sunglasses. 

He primarily wears an earth-toned shirt including maroon, brown, grey, or dark green paired with khaki pants or jeans. He’s also sometimes seen wearing regular tank tops or ones with large armholes and baseball caps.

Finish his outfit by wearing a dark motorcycle or work boots. Complete your whole look by staying in character by acting all cool and carefree throughout the party.

jj maybank costume

About JJ Maybank from Outer Banks

JJ Maybank is one of the main characters in the TV show Outer Banks, a show that explores the disappearance of the character John B’s dad and the treasure that comes along with it.

He’s a troubled teen with a short temper but so much love for his friends. He has a strained relationship with his father, who abuses drugs and alcohol. 

His father abuses him, so he considers his friends more of his family than his actual ones. His mother has abandoned them, and his father constantly blames him for her leaving.

He remains a happy kid and is always up for a good time with his friends. His strength and loyalty have won over viewers of the show, and he’s one of the fan favorites.

His character is played by actor Rudy Pankow who was also recently featured in the movie adaptation of the video game Unchartered.

What is the most famous quotes from JJ Maybank?

1. “Stupid Things Have Good Outcomes All The Time.”

2. “The Pentagon… We Have Security Clearance. I Have A Card.”

3. “I Love Third-Wheeling. It’s My Favorite Thing.”

4. “If I’m The One Mediating, We’ve Hit Rock Bottom.”

5. “He’s Straight Up Like The Spanish. Just, Bon Voyage.”

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