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My Hero Academia Season 6 is out now, and it’s hot in every Anime fan’s mind.

The Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack, a.k.a. Kyoka Jiro, is one of Deku’s classmates in Class 1-A of U.A. High School.

She, along with the rest of her class, is currently training to become a Pro Heroes in the future.

She is the snarky one in town, using it to mask her inner nice and friendly nature. Regardless, she enjoys spending time with her friends and cares deeply for them.

Jiro is popular thanks to her cold, indifferent, and sometimes aggressive behavior. Her quick: Earphone Jack allows her to attack sound and detect the slightest vibrations.

You’ll Need:

  1. Peach Tank Top
  2. Black Leather Jacket
  3. Jiro Wig
  4. Wired Headphones
  5. Black Pants
  6. White fingerless Gloves
  7. Red Face Paint
  8. Black Leather Choker Necklace
  9. Outdoor Boots

DIY Jiro Cosplay Guide

Fans cannot forget Jiro’s iconic Hero costume, which is a mix of Punk and Goth styles. Asymmetry is the way to go, and no subtleness holds her down.

First off, you need to obtain a Peach Tank Top. Take some scissors and make two tears each along the upper and lower borders, making them look as rough and random as possible.

Next, grab your black Leather Jacket paired with Black Pants and Black Outdoor Boots.

For accessories, you will need White Fingerless Gloves, Choker Necklaces, and Wired Headphones.

Don’t forget to get a Jiro Cosplay Wig. This should be a short dark purple wig with sharp edges, alongside a lustrous and unruly feel to it.

Finish the look with some Red Face paint to replicate Jiro’s sharp and quirky look perfectly!

Jiro Cosplay Costume

We are all at the edge of our seats during every episode, watching Deku and co-fight like there’s no tomorrow!

So if a BnHA cosplay doesn’t shake the roof now, when would it? This is a perfect opportunity to cosplay everyone’s favorite Hero Musician

Why not organize a BnHA group cosplay for your next big event? You and your friends can see each cosplay as Toga, Dabi, Mina Ashido, Shigaraki, Shoto Todoroki, and Bakugou, and you will surely stand out as an iconic group.

Jiro Cosplay

About Jiro from My Hero Academia

Jiro is typically pragmatic and unenthusiastic and readily teases those she finds annoying. Denki Kaminari is one of her most common targets, leading many fans to even ship them together.

Jiro absolutely loves music. She has a keen interest in Rock music thanks to her parents and even owns several instruments which she can skillfully play.

She lacked self-esteem about her passions at first, but her friends helped her crawl out of her shell and perform before the entire school. When your friends are akin to heroes, nothing is impossible!

Jiro Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Jiro?

1. “I’ll send everyone to hell.”

2. “Alright… shall we begin?”

3. “Your only enemy is your own weakness.”

4. “Enemies only exist for you to cut down.”

5. “For my family.”

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