Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) Outfit

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A Jesse Pinkman costume is sure to steal the show at any Halloween party or comic con.

When the show Breaking Bad debuted, no one could predict how well it and its spinoffs would do. The complex characters of the stars, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, were a huge reason for that.

Jesse Pinkman is a former student of the brilliant high school chemistry teacher Walter White. When Walter is diagnosed with lung cancer and is looking for a way to make a lot of money for his family, he turns to Jesse for help.

Jesse is a user of methamphetamines. Walter uses his street smarts to sell the drugs that Walter cooks up. Eventually, the unlikely pair finds themselves at the head of a drug empire.

You’ll Need:

  1. Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie Yellow
  2. Dragon Tshirt
  3. Baggy Jeans
  4. Black Belt
  5. Striped Beanie
  6. Nike Dunk High Sneaker

DIY Jesse Pinkman Outfit Guide

Jesse is known to wear a few different outfits. Most of his casual clothes are urban streetwear style, and he likes to wear loose-fitting jeans and hoodies.

It is rare that Jesse is seen without his beanie. His cozy style is quite easy to replicate.

To start, grab a yellow hoodie with a zip-up front. Under the attached hood, you can wear a dragon T-shirt to match.

A simple pair of men’s dark baggy jeans, a black belt, and Nike dunk high sneakers will complete the costume.

Jesse Pinkman Cosplay Outfit

The Jesse Pinkman costume is an easy one to throw together, thanks to its casual nature. Because of this, it is a good budget costume and a great last-minute costume idea for a convention or Halloween party.

Since the clothes consist entirely of casual streetwear, there is also a good chance that you have a lot of what you’ll need already in your closet.

This costume is best for any fan of the show, especially those who sympathize with Jesse more than they do Walter.

To make the costume really stand out, you can use this opportunity for a duo cosplay. Have a friend dress up as his partner in crime, Walter White, to really make it memorable.

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Jesse Pinkman Outfit

About Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman begins his character arc as just another burnt-out druggie. By the end of the show, his character development leaves him almost a hero in his own right.

Jesse is streetwise and empathetic. He turns out to have a big heart that outshines Walter’s own cold one. Though their age difference is quite large, oftentimes, Jesse seems to be the one who is usually in the right.

Because of his complex nature and character development, he became a beloved character to fans. Now, he is an iconic character who is recognizable even by those who have not seen the show.

Jesse Pinkman’s Scene | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Jesse Pinkman?

1. “What good is being an outlaw when you have responsibilities?”

2. “You don’t need a criminal lawyer. You need a criminal lawyer.”

3. “You either run from things, or you face them, Mr. White.”

4. “Are we in the meth business or the money business?”