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The goal of every Halloween costume is not to look cute, but rather to scare your friends and family! The Jeff the Killer costume does exactly that! 

Originally introduced in 2008 by user Killer Jeff, Jeff the Killer was first seen on Newgrounds, where he had an online presence.

In terms of the scare factor, Jeff the Killer goes beyond the Slender Man, a creepypasta that made its way onto the internet. 

An online horror fiction subgenre called “Creepypasta” features Jeff the Killer as a fictional character. Known for his pre-murder catchphrase, “Go to sleep,” he has long black hair, pale skin, and a Joker-like smile.

You’ll Need:

  1. Bloodstain Hoodie
  2. Jeff the Killer Mask
  3. Slim Fit Jeans
  4. Bloody Knife Prop
  5. Converse Sneakers

DIY Jeff The Killer Costume Guide

Do you want to look creepy this Halloween? If you’re looking for a scary story on the internet, take a look at Jeff the Killer.

Since his first appearance in the creepypasta, his face has changed slightly. Blood drips from his eyes, and some teeth are missing from his mouth.

To dress like Jeff the Killer, you will need a bloodstain hoodie paired with slim-fit jeans and black Converse sneakers.

In order to give your costume an extra creepy touch, you might want to consider adding Jeff the Killer mask and a bloody knife prop to it.

No matter what kind of Halloween celebration you’re going to or just want to get into the spooky mood, a DIY Jeff the Killer costume is sure to impress.

Jeff The Killer Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Jeff The Killer Cosplay Costume

Any Halloween party or fancy-dress event will be a frightful experience with the Jeff the Killer Morphsuit, including Jeff’s manic wig.

This mask will let you completely transform into this creepy character, with a large, scary mouth, blank eyes, greasy hair, and a blood-stained sweatshirt. 

Whether you’re planning to go trick-or-treating or attending a spooky costume party, this Jeff the Killer cosplay costume will have everyone running in fear! Making this Halloween fresh and scary is easy with this ensemble.

Jeff The Killer Costume

About Jeff The Killer

A creepypasta character, Jeff the Killer, originated on the internet as an urban legend or horror story submitted by users. The character is one of a handful of creepypasta characters whose origins are images (such as Slender Man and the Rake, among others). 

When Sesseur uploaded a two-and-a-half-minute video to YouTube describing Jeff’s bleaching process. Around that time, creepypasta stories began to appear on creepypasta sites based on some aspects of his appearance when he was trying to clean the bathtub. 

The stories began to be embellished by people, and by changing Jeff’s face, his motives, and his method of killing, they began to embellish the story.

The stories spread quickly through various forums. As a result, the catchphrase, “Go to sleep,” has become a part of his repertoire.

What is the most famous quote from Jeff The Killer?

1. “Lock me up, chain me down, but you will never turn my smile into a frown.”

2. “Smile, don’t frown when life makes itself difficult.”

3. “Go to sleep.”

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