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Have your Jean Grey costume ready to complete the X-men mutants at your costume party. 

Jean Grey was one of the mutants created in the X-Men series. She uses her telepathy powers to move objects and communicate with other mutants.

She also has the powers of Psionic Energy manipulation and Phoenix Force manipulation.

She was considered the mother figure of the mutant group because of her personality and traits. 

Jean Grey also plays a doctor who treats Wolverine and Professor X. Aside from X-men, she can also be seen on shows that feature Marvel superheroes.

What You Need:

  1. Jean Grey Costume
  2. Red Wig
  3. Gold Gloves
  4. Jean Grey Boots

DIY Jean Grey Costume Guide

This is her fourth costume from the X-Men stories and the symbol of Jean Grey’s duplication by the Phoenix Force. She became the successor of Phoenix Force because of her powers. 

Are you ready to show off Jean Grey’s telepathic powers? Slip on your costume and get ready to complete the X-Men cast!

To look like Jean Grey, you will need a Jean Grey costume, Red Wig, Gold Gloves, and Jean Grey Boots.

Jean Grey Cosplay Costume

This costume version came out when Jean Grey was reborn after she believed she was a human. 

The Jean Grey Phoenix costume comes with a green fitted bodysuit with a gold Phoenix emblem in the chest area. 

It is paired with a pair of gold boots with matching gold gloves for a heroic look. The gold sash used as a belt will complete your Jean grey costume.

The sash also comes with a gold Phoenix logo on the side. Of course, the costume will not be completed without her iconic red, wavy, and long hair. 

Together with your cosplayer friends, you can portray the whole X-men mutants with Wolverine, Gambit, Nightcrawler, and Rogue; or with other casts like Professor X and Cyclops.

Jean Grey Costume

About Jean Grey

Jean Grey was one of the first mutants discovered by Professor X and Max and became the main female character from X-men. 

The character was involved in a love triangle with Cyclops and Wolverine in the live-action movie. However, in the comic version created in 1963, she was married to the former leader of the X-men, Scott Summers.

She already possesses her powers from childhood. However, she was scared of it and needed assistance controlling her telekinesis. But together with Professor X, she learned how to handle her skills and use them to make other people feel better.

Jean Grey became a loner and isolated herself during her days in Xavier’s School because of her powers. But this did not hinder her from developing bonds with other mutants who do not fear her.

Jean Grey Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Jean Grey?

1. “I am fire and life incarnate! Now and forever — I am Phoenix!”

2. “I am what was, what is, what will be — the black angel, Chaos-Bringer!I AM POWER!”

3. “Finish me with your claws. I beg you. I don’t want to HURT YOU!!”

4. “I…hunger, Scott — for a joy, a rapture. Beyond all comprehension. That need is a part of me, too.”

5. “You and I are quits now, X-men. Our paths will cross no more. My destiny lies in the stars. Dark Phoenix.”

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